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  1. Hi folks! I'm a newbie and trying to learn the ropes, especially climbing on rock. I have minor indoor skills and have climbed rock years ago, but all the memory has gone! Is anyone willing to take along someone like me to learn a little and help out (a lot...I can haul all the crap you need me to!). In Seattle and happy to travel. Retail schedule so it's sometimes flexible.
  2. First visit and first post

    Hey Toro! You should check out Mount St. Helens for sure! You won't get any meadows up the climb/hike route, but it's incredible landscape. I'm biased, mind you - I volunteer on the mountain. That said, it's awesome. You can stay at the Lone Fir Resort in Cougar, which is about 10 miles from the TH. Permits are usually $22 - you'll have to find one through Purmit.com since they sold out a long time ago. It gets you above 4800ft on the mountain. Of course, there are TONS of beautiful places around MSH.
  3. this friday-saturday

    A partner and I are looking for one or two more for Hood (SS) this Friday night/Saturday morning. Let me know if you're interested. Anthony