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  1. Anyone get a decent look at the Thielsen summit pinnacle? Curious how much snow/ice/rime there is.
  2. Thanks for the info, Alex. Is that 2-3' in drifts or pretty consistent? Thinking about giving Prusik Peak a go and will be approaching via Snow Lakes TH. In your opinion is flotation necessary?
  3. Any been through here recently? Curious about how much snow there is and at what elevations. Cheers.
  4. Anyone done this recently that can offer some info on snow level and conditions? Cheers, Kai
  5. Hello Nico, Looks like a fun trip! With the crevasses starting to peek out, did you feel any need to rope up? Or by skirting the right hand side of Hayden you avoided most of the glacier all together? Cheers, Kai
  6. But not plastics! I really want to find a boot like La Sportiva Trangos. Something that will not suck for approach hikes and can do reasonably well for rock climbing. I've been researching online and calling around and I've had a terrible time finding anyone who manufactures anything above a US size 14. Thus far I've called La Sportiva, Lowa, Asolo, Scarpa, Kayland, and the American Alpine Institute to see if they have any advice. I've worn the Lowa Civetta Extremes several times in the past and, while functional, that's not really what I'm looking for. So, what do fellow big foots do? Are we stuck w/ hard plastic double boots like the Civetta and La Sportiva's Baruntse? Is getting a custom made boot an option? Any help is much appreciated. Xposted this at summitpost.org. Cheers, Kai
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