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  1. I'm hoping to climb Leavenworth sat and sun. Would be great to have a partner. Please shoot me a pm if you would like to climb!
  2. Hand/forearm/finger strength

    Recently I asked a trainer how to increase my forearm/grip strength and he told me the following: Goto the dumbbell rack at the gym. Start with 60 lb dumbbells, grab them and hold them at your side. Squeeze them tightly for 1 min. Go to the next weight, doing the same. Go till failure. I have yet to put this into practice, but logically it seems to make sense.
  3. FS Gregory Palisade 80L

    Still Available!
  4. FS Gregory Palisade 80L

    I have a Gregory Palisade 80L back pack for sale. Its in great condition, its been used, but not abused at all. I am only selling to fund other items as I dont use this pack much any more. 150 obo. I will ship or do local pick up. I am located in Bellingham.
  5. please don't buy my stolen cams...

    I hope this isn't what it seems to be... http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/1071921/Black_Diamond_C4_cams_for_sale#Post1071921
  6. Black Diamond C4 cams for sale

    I will also take them if both deals fall through
  7. Quick Question

    Thankyou both for the info, makes total sense!
  8. Quick Question

    I'm currently making a transition from sport climbing to trad climbing. There is one thing that I have been trying to figure out though. When placing active or passive pro, should I attach slings to the end of these? Or just clip directly into the pro. I know that if there is a potential for the pro to move then I should attach a sling to mediate. Thanks in advance!
  9. FS: BD Sabers (Cromo), slings, QD's, ski helmet

    still have the Sabertooths?