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  1. Smith Rock this weekend?

    FYI: http://www.blm.gov/or/districts/prineville/fire/alerts.php Trout Creek closes annually on January 15th.
  2. Handlheld GPS - What are ya using and why?

    eTrex 30 - light weight, compact size, good reception, good battery life, all basic nav functions, mag. compass, pressure altimeter, easy to read screen, easy to use with gloves on, topo map capability, easy menu navigation, customizable setup, easy to use computer based planning/waypoint mgmt. software. I've used or played with most of the other options out there. This one wins out. Ymmv. It works for me. In reality, my GPS gets treated exclusively as a tool ... and sits in my pack most of the year. Wrist mounted nav units (like the foreTrex 301 and 401) are useable and fully capable but less user friendly in real world use due to more complicated menu interfaces. I would guess the same for the newest (Fenix???) with the added problem of shorter battery life. Those fitness GPS watches are generally useless for real navigation purposes.
  3. MSR WindPro Stove - Cancelled

    I'm leaving the country and don't have time to deal with mailing this and can no longer delete the post. If you are local to central Oregon then feel free to get hold of me about a sale in person.
  4. Arc'Teryx softshells

    bump! make an offer if interested. need to get rid of these fairly soon.
  5. Wild Things Belay Parka (Large) - $125 shipped

  6. MSR WindPro Stove - Cancelled

    Bump. $45 price includes shipping.
  7. Wild Things Belay Parka (Large) - $125 shipped

    Bump. $110 shipping included.
  8. Arc'Teryx softshells

    Gamma SV for $125 shipped. Sigma for $100 shipped. Pictures on request.
  9. MSR WindPro Stove - Cancelled

    thanks for the bump banos. yep, good stove for cold and windy. can invert the canister in cold temps too.
  10. Arc'Teryx softshells

    Arc'Teryx Gamma SV - hooded, very warm (high loft fleece) softshell. Size: Large Color: Red/Dark Red Excellent condition. No damage, scuffs, or tears Arc'Teryx Sigma (I think? - Gore Windstopper softshell) Size: Large Color: Blue/Black Good condition. Very small hole in chest. Would be easily repaired with seam grip. Has been there (unnoticed) for a couple years. Price: $110
  11. MSR WindPro Stove - Cancelled

    Remote canister stove in excellent shape. Very rarely used. I'm leaving the country and don't have time to deal with mailing this and can no longer delete the post. If you are local to central Oregon then feel free to get hold of me.
  12. No damage or holes. In very good shape after light use. Epic shell fabric. I'm located in Bend, OR. Can meet here or at Smith. Or ship to you if needed.
  13. [TR] RAINIER - Mowich Face 8/1/2012

    Cool report! Nice work on a rarely visited side of the mountain. We happened to be in the same neighborhood about 4 days prior...but went up through the rock band instead of the right hand ice variation just short of 13k. Also enjoyable. Didn't see anyone for the entire trip either. Pretty cool after the crowds on the other side. Beta comment: Dropping in at 8,200 off PR worked about as well for us as it could have considering the other gullies available.
  14. A bunch o' stuff

    Bump - forgot about this. Doing a quick bump in case I have any last minute takers on the ice axe (Raven Pro - 65cm) as I pass through Portland today. I still have the jackets and can ship them but do not have them with me at the moment. PM me if interested.
  15. Mt Rainier Rescue

    Body Found on Mount Rainier Was Missing Camper via Seattle Times