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  1. Any Entiat ice!

    Is there any ice in Entiat?
  2. Lost down on powerhouse wall a grey and purple womens scarpa shoe. Size 6.5.
  3. Hey, I sadly can't take that many days off, but have you tried this page on Facebook? Southwest Montana ice conditions
  4. Awesome Job Jake and Cameron !! This would be a fun challenge, clearly I will wait until summer or at least warmer mornings, and longer days, lol. Nice pics by the way!!
  5. Saturday, I found a pair of prescription sunglasses in Vantage, millennium wall under Nazi Boyfriend. I left them on the board by the new (ish) toilet in the sunshine parking lot.
  6. Wanted: used ice tools

    I am looking for a pair of used, but not thrashed tools as a spare set for dry tooling. Not hugely picky, but would prefer not to have something really antiquated.
  7. Skaha fatality

    A great loss,
  8. Mazama Ice

    Curious if anyone has been up there in the last couple days? Is there any ice left at all after these Spring like days?
  9. I am looking for another woman who would be up to heading to Bozeman for the ice fest and either trying to get a spot in a clinic due to a cancelation OR hire a guide. Preferably leaving either Thursday or Friday night and coming back Sunday night. Lisa
  10. Ice climbing in Bozeman , partners needed.

    Ok Dave, I will let you know if my dates change. Have fun. Lisa
  11. I am looking to get a group of people together to do some ice climbing in Bozeman. I am a fairly new to ice and don't lead, but will attempt to follow anything . I am looking at Presidents' Day weekend, possibly making it a four day weekend. I am also open to date choices if this one does not work for anyone interested.