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  1. La Sportiva Baruntse - Size 42.5 - $425

    Bump for a price drop. Now $375!
  2. Heel Blisters

    I have similar problems with sweaty feet and blisters. Every boot still gives blisters. Tape works well if you wrap the entire heel and around the bottom of the foot as others suggest. The downside is that it still sometimes moves on sweaty feet AND it hurts when you pull it off, even if you shave your ankles. A better solution is to use the self adhesive style bandage tape that you can get in any drugstore or pharmacy section of the grocery store. It's cushiony, doesn't move, and doesn't hurt when you pull it off. Bonus points for not having to shave your ankles. The downside? It's expensive. ($3-$4/roll). What I do now, and what seems to work the best is to use a Dr. Scholls body glide specifically for feet and change my socks at every major rest stop. This usually equates to changing my sweaty ass socks about 3-4 times per day, but I no longer get blisters and I don't have to mess with duct tape or the expense of the self adhesive tape.
  3. These boots are pretty much brand new. They've only been worn a few times (as shown in the pictures). The liners have not been molded. Unfortunately, La Sportiva is too narrow for my fat foot and they just don't fit me. Size 42.5. Asking $425 for a boot that retails for $625. My loss is your gain! Located in Tacoma. Email: e_hoop15atyahoodotcom.
  4. Chair Peak - Sat 2/9...

    How was the moat Giza?
  5. FS- Ice Screws & V-threader

    PM sent on BD Express screws.
  6. As a caver (and climber) with lots of experience with the Apex, I would not recommend the Apex at all. It's not a dependable light and as one other posted stated it is not as waterproof as princeton tec thinks it is. Plus it's heavy. I have been up sh*t creek several times with the Apex. I second the recommendation for Fenix (they're good lights) but you should also look at Zebra Light (they're lighter). Fenix and Zebra Light are used mostly by cavers and are not as well known since they're not made by mainstream brands. However, cavers are usually ahead of the curve when it comes to headlamps.
  7. With most of the climbing packs (BD, Arc'teryx, etc) they have stripped off all of the crap that usually gets attached to the outside of a pack like extra pockets, zippers, and thingamajigs. I like this style, but have one complaint....how the hell do you attach wands without them sliding out of the cinch straps on the side? I have the BD Speed 55 and it seems like I'm always worrying about loosing wands. Does anyone have a clever way of attaching the wands to their pack when there isn't a pocket on the side to slip them into?
  8. Newbie looking for partner to learn from...

    I moved here a little over a year ago from STL and can relate (tired of reading books and just want to climb!). I moved here mostly just to have a place that I could climb. Send me a PM if you have any questions about moving, the Northwest in general, or places to climb. Later.
  9. New to Climbing; Best Ways to Start?

    I second most of the advice given here. I took the BCC with the mountaineers last year and for me, it was a good way to learn. My experience level was about the same as the OP and I felt the BCC was a good way to gain some skills. I have only lived here about year and the biggest advantage for me was meeting up with some fellow climbers, making friends and then doing non-club climbs. I have several friends who took both the mountaineers BCC and the RMI course. Their opinion was that the RMI course is pretty much the same thing (same skills are taught), but in a super condensed version and much more expensive. The RMI option would work well if, like you said, the scheduling of the mountaineers BCC doesn't work with your schedule, but you'll need some extra cash. I will say that if you decide on the mountaineers BCC and you miss even one lecture....you're screwed.
  10. Looking to buy a pair of Koflach Arctis Expe or La Sportiva Baruntse. I need either in a size 42.5 and reasonably priced. Send me a PM or email e_hoop15 AT yahoo dot com. Thanks!