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  1. New to Climbing; Best Ways to Start?

    Chris, I'm a native finger lakes kid m'self. Where'bouts you from? I'm from Irondequoit, a subburb of Rochester.
  2. decent harness?

    I use the Black Diamond Momentum AL. I think it's one of the best harnesses I've used for about half the cost of some other harnesses. It has pretty good padding and adjustable leg loops. Whittaker has it for $45.
  3. Are there a lot of short climbs in your area? I'm not too familiar with anything east of the pass. If you're willing to show a new guy the ropes I'm more than willing to drive over to Leavenworth. I'll shoot you a PM this evening.
  4. New to Climbing; Best Ways to Start?

    Thanks. I didn't even know these existed. I'll look into it.
  5. New to Climbing; Best Ways to Start?

    Thanks for the advice. I had looked into the Mountaineers course but my work schedule (and a planned trip to AK) won't allow me to attend all the field trips this year. Does anyone have experience with the RMI Crevasse Rescue course? That's probably the skill set I'm most concerned with having formal instruction on.
  6. I'm new to mountaineering and I'm looking for partners interested in glacier and snow climbs. I have my eye on Baker, Stuart, and possibly Rainier. I have Thursday and Friday off from work and can get weekends with advanced notice.
  7. Climbing partner

    I'm new to climbing and if you don't mind a newbie slowing you down I'm interested in joining in on some climbs.
  8. Hello all, My name's Chris and I'm looking to take up mountaineering. I've been hiking and backpacking since I was a kid and I've done a fair share of rock climbing, but in my home state of New York there isn't much "big" mountain climbing to be found. Now that I've been in Washington for about 2 years I've found the allure of the mountains irresistible and I'm hoping to start climbing some of the larger mountains. I've been slowly acquiring gear for the past few months and doing some smaller, non-technical, climbs. I'm also currently working my way through The Freedom of the Hills. Any suggestions on how to start out, classes to take, or any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. Hope to see you out on trail. -Chris