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  1. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Triple Couloirs 3/13/2015

    Road was and is closed. First two miles are snow free (most of the elevation gain) the next there was up to 18-20 inches of snow on the road for most of the way to the trailhead. Doubt there is that much there now as it has been warm in town his week and the snow is melting off fast where I work at 3000 ft up ingalls creek.
  2. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Triple Couloirs 3/13/2015

    @mwm. I have never led any ice and climbed very little of it but am a strong climber in my range any was very conscious of not using my hands (axes) for more than balance. In other words I felt competent leading the ice but I did end up running it out in places because I knew that I would expend more energy placing a screw than I would just climbing through. Had the ice not been as good as it was and there have been more mixed climbing I don't know how I would've done. Be comfortable on steep snow and be comfortable simu-climbing. Most of this climb needs to be and can be simuled to get it done in any sort of reasonable time. Lastly, don't try to do it in a day the first time you attempt it. If I was to do it over again I would plan on camping at colchuck at least the night before to get an early start on the route. With the rain that it's getting right now I doubt it will be in the same condition as when we climbed and likely will need at least a couple of good days of low freezing levels before it should be attempted. Who knows if that will happen the way this winter is going. @jake. I think Dragontail must be just outside of the cell shadow of neighboring peaks. I Didn't have any signal just 20 ft from the top of the third couloir but when I got over the edge I all the sudden received 15 emails and a text and could see the lights of the surrounding towns (wenatchee most likely but it was pitch black when we got to the top). Yes. Wish I had some microspikes
  3. Trip: Dragontail Peak - Triple Couloirs Date: 3/13/2015 Trip Report: This is more of a conditions report and it has most likely changed as it started raining late friday night and likely still raining to close to the top of the route as is write this early sunday morning. No photos. Sorry. My partner and I left the gated road early friday morning at 4AM to attempt Triple Couloirs in a day. Just a little background on myself: My partner and I are both very strong moderate (5.8-5.9) climbers with some experience on longer (grade III-IV) rock and mountaineering climbs. This is my first bigger alpine snow and ice climb and before this I had climbed very little ice. The road was was melted out for the first half and then snow covered for the majority of the second half. After passing the trailhead the majority of the trail is covered with snow and/or ice. The trail turned out to be the sketchiest part of the day. We reached the lake as the sun was coming up and hiked across to the far side then stopped to refuel, change boots, and stash some unnecessary gear then continued to the base of the hidden couloir. On Route at 10:30AM. This was a little later then we had wanted to start the climb but we had budgeted for about 8 hrs on route so this would still allow us to top out before sunset. We chose the left side entrance into the couloir which was straightforward low angle ice but a little thin in placoes. Once in the couloir we began simu-ing and eventually reached the bottom of the runnels around 12:30. We were a little worried because the snow in the couloir was a little warm and were experiencing some balling on our crampons and there were couple of small rockfall events. The runnels were in very good condition with the ice on the steeper sections being pretty thick and for the most part easily protectable with screws. Our belays were set with rock gear and we made it into the second couloir in two long pitches. The rest of the route was climbed in two long simu pitches the first getting us from the base of the 2nd couloir to the bottom of the 3rd. I found the transition from the 2nd to the 3rd a little hard to protect as the ice was not nearly as good as the runnels with some good and some rotten neve. We ended up toping out around 830PM doing the last little bit of the 3rd couloir in the dark by headlamp with some clouds starting to roll into the mountains. I ended up leading the entire climb as my partner started feeling sick and felt his speed and decision making as a leader may be compromised. Taking 10 hours on route we both called our wives to let them know we were out of most of the danger and also to let them know we would not make it home by the intended time of midnight. (Verizon gets good cell service at the top.) The descent was straightforward, we made it back to the lake, picked up our gear and walked out. Back at the truck around 430AM very tired, sore, bruised and bloody (the ice on the trail had taken its toll on us brutally more than a few times). 24 and a half hours car to car. Gear Notes: Traction devices required for the approach. We took 8 screws of various lengths, one piton, 2 pickets, single set of camalots from .5-3, full set of nuts, and camp tricams .5-2. We ended up using most of these except the piton and I found myself wishing for another picket more than once. If I was to change anything i would take another picket, ditch the numbers 2 and 3 cams for some bigger hexes and lose the long screws. Approach Notes: The trail is SCARY without traction devices. I fell more times than I care to admit or could keep track of and my partner ended up stopping one of his falls by putting his face in a rock and breaking his nose on the way out.
  4. fourteenfour on a meth binge?

    +1. WTF?
  5. gear sale

    pm sent
  6. [TR] Mt. Shuksan - skiers left - curtis glacier 2/15/2012

    Ahhh. That would make it pretty tough to ski....
  7. [TR] Mt. Shuksan - skiers left - curtis glacier 2/15/2012

    Nice line. I was wondering since I am not really familiar with the area, whats to prevent you from taking a more direct line from the beginning of your traverse skiers left underneath the icefall? Looks from the picture like the chute fall line from the beginning of the traverse might be doable and allow you to avoid some of the objective hazard due to the serac? Maybe cliffs at the top of the chute but hard to tell from the pic. On another note. I am pretty new to the forum but have enjoyed reading some of your other TR's and great pics. Keep up the stoke!