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  1. Here is Steph's report of her solo of the route a few years ago. She also indicates that the rappel was rather tedious. http://www.stephabegg.com/home/tripreports/britishcolumbia/sirdonald
  2. [TR] Crater Mountain - Standard 9/6/2012

    This was all part of the cable and pulley system used to get stuff up the steep part to the summit lookout. Mt. Pugh used the same arrangement to both haul materials for initial construction but also to supply the person staffing the lookout with something other than a back-breaking load up the rocks.
  3. [TR] Crater Mountain - Standard 9/6/2012

    Great photos! The summit makes an even better camp, especially when there is still a snowbank on top for your water. Your picture of mining relicts is most likely the remnants of the tripod cable device used to haul supplies to the former summit lookout.
  4. [TR] Cutthroat Peak - S Buttress/SE Buttress 9/5/2012

    Good job of describing! When I did this climb in 1974, we also found route finding to be challenging. All I recall using was Beckey's description, and when on the climb as you mentioned, the somewhat ambiguous features given are not very obvious. But I do recall it being a fun climb, even though I had just had some surgery and wasn't too comfortable on one end(for a thrombosed hemorrhoid....yikes!)
  5. Leor, I hope you enter the Hardrock 100 some time. You may or may not be much for organized races (well, I do know that you hold the course record for the very competitive Quadruple Dipsea), but you would find the HR a great event and would be very competitive ....that is, if you weren't tempted to stop and take too many of pictures of the fantastic scenery in the San Juan Mountains!
  6. best of cc.com [TR] Ptarmigan Traverse FKT - 8/16/2012

    FYI: Many people have run the Copper Mtn/ Chilliwack R. loop. The first of five times I've done it was in early October of 1987, and it took just under six hours total. That time could be shattered by the likes of Leor and Uli, assuming the lower Chilliwack R. trail had been brushed out.
  7. best of cc.com [TR] Ptarmigan Traverse FKT - 8/16/2012

    Thanks, Leor, for a great set of images and doing a classic in style. BTW, old-school running shorts are the way to go for this, never mind the dumb fashion of "shorts" to the knees....running isn't basketball or beach or pool. Leor is an amazing athlete, as is Uli, and I think the detractors are only envious that they aren't as fit. These two or prboably several others would CRUSH my FKT for Glacier Peak (7 hrs. 54 minutes) if the White Chuck River trail was runnable.
  8. [TR] Ruth Mountain - Ruth Glacier 7/14/2012

    Nice TR, BirdDog! BTW, in that one image, that's Whatcom Pk left, Challenger right, and the top of Luna in the middle over Mineral Mountain in the foreground.
  9. found: sleeping pad

    Found on Saturday June 30 on Mt. Baker. Contact me if you think it is yours. Must correctly identify size, color, and approximate location (i.e., route you were on).
  10. [TR] Mount Baker - North Ridge 6/27/2012

    Saturday at about 6600'and above, new snow from last week made for postholing, even in the early a.m. When the weather settles down and more climbers punch in the cattle trail, the C/D will be much easier still.