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  1. Used last season only. Like new condition. Soles have almost zero wear. $350 Shipped paypal as a gift. Send me e-mail for pics as they are a pain in the rear on this site.
  2. My vote is for a gated planned community of yurts. All centrally built around a community center with both wi-fi and espresso bar and indoor pool
  3. As Dane said Neo Shell is not hype! I have the Neo Shell coat Mammut put out and it is the real deal. I have been using in now for a few months and love love love it. A couple weeks ago i did a cold approach to a climb on a 0% morning. I had a Cap 1 base layer, a R1 hoody, then my Mammut Neo Shell then a Arcteryx Atom Lt on top of it all. I know quite a bit of clothing but it was a cold start and i figured i would shed the Atom Lt up trail a bit. We where moving at quite a clip as we where not sure the climb would be in and wanted to be able to get out and to another climb in such a case. Being the case i never did stop to take it off. My point is i did a 4.5 mile back country jog with the usual ice climbing gear and 6 inches of fresh powder and the coat never got wet inside. Yes i was sweating quite bad and wet but the amazing thing was no condensation under the Neo shell. Mind you different Neo Shell jackets are made of different weight and stretch material. For instance the Rab Stretch Neo Shell is like 550 grams and the hand much like a pro shell kinda weight. The Mammut Gipflegrat Neo Shell is more like a soft shell in weight or thicker and 700-800 grams but stretches like crazy and no way in hell you are gonna tear or get the stuff to pull or pile. I can see this jacket still being worn in ten years! Ow yeah and no way you are gonna get wet in either even in full on rain. I tested that walking the dogs a couple times now. Gore Active shell is also pretty good but nothing like this Neo Shell from what i can tell so far and also fragile like most Gore Products.
  4. Wish i was chick right now as i have been looking at those pants? Outa curiosity what kinda temps would you say these pants would work for? I am thinking of buying a pair but a little worried that i will overheat in them? They would almost fit as i am a mens small size 28' waist? Ow well, anyway any help is appreciated!!!
  5. Thanks guys... I was or am interested in both the ultra and regular guide. I figured people on the forum would have experience with the guide not so much the ultra. I have read Danes review more than once and i never picked up on anything about the heel box. Thanks for the input and any other opinions are more than welcome as we still have yet to get any real ice in New England and my Baturas are still unworn. I think i should just order a pair and give em a go?
  6. FOr real 96 views and not one wears these boots. Wow i though they where very popular.
  7. I like the Garmin for pacing myself and millage..
  8. Don't go garmin for anything but running. Even running i need two of them for long days as after a handful of months the battery life is only a few hours.. I have been wondering what i will do about this piece of gear also..
  9. What a bitch... Recover quickly. I would be loosing my mind as i lay in bed being told it could be much worse relax kid!! Nice work for real but you know that already soooo....
  10. I need some info on the "heel" fit of these boots vrs. say the LS batura's. I have the Batura's and am looking for something with a bit more room in the heel box. I have achillies tendenosis and although the heel cup in the LS boots is great at keeping my heel in place it destroys my achilles!! Help Please as i gotta straighten this out asap as i have brand new Batura's sitting here and i dont wanna wear em outdoors if its not what i am gonna end up in all season....
  11. They are a Mens Small Long. I have copied and pasted the Arctery size chart. I am 5-10 32' inseam and they are just a bit long on me. With mountain boots they fit fine as you are higher off the ground. However they are still a bit longer than i woul dlike at 5-10.. http://www.arcteryx.com/sizing-chart.aspx?EN/men-s-athletic-fit-sizing-chart
  12. I have someone interested however i have not heard from them in hours. They are willing to purchase it for $75 plus whatever shipping cost. Make me an offer....
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