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  1. FS: cheops SL 10 degree sleeping bag SOLD!

    I'll take it! Sending a PM now.
  2. Transitioning from rock to alpine: Where?

    Thanks for the thoughts guys, good info. That Utah/Colorado/Teton plan ain't bad.. might just try that out. Definitely priority numero uno is getting in contact with some good climbers. The avy class seems like it'd be worth it though, if for nothing else than to lay a foundation.
  3. Transitioning from rock to alpine: Where?

    Glacier travel isn't a huge priority for me so long as I don't have to travel on a glacier, if you know what I mean. If that's not a big concern in the lower 48 than I wouldn't be too worried about crossing that bridge when I come to it. More avalanche safety then, I'm assuming that's a real concern anywhere you've got substantial snowfall.
  4. Transitioning from rock to alpine: Where?

    This fall/winter I'll be starting a big climbing road trip and am thinking about kicking it off by trying to learn mountaineering, ice, mixed, and all the other stuff needed to climb big, cold mountains. I've got a pretty solid base in rock climbing (multi pitch trad, anchor building, but no aid yet). The two biggest things I really need to learn are glacier travel and avalanche safety, it seems to me, especially the avalanche stuff. You can read up on it plenty, but in my mind there's some mountain sense that you can't get out of a book. I taught my self to place gear and build anchor, and I think I'm pretty damn safe about it, but I don't really wanna do that with shit like avalanches and crevasses. So my question is: what's a good spot to base myself out of and partner up with locals? The cascades are first on my list, but I've never been there and don't know if it's more of an advanced area, an area where it's hard to find partners, or an area where it's hard to live out of my truck. I am thinking about taking an avalanche course, but figured I'd try to find a good one for the area I'm gonna base out of. Other destinations that came to mind are the Tetons and Colorado. For a little further clarification, I'd rather do really easy "mountaineering" and build some base skills than jump right into ice/mixed cragging. The dream is to be able to climb up a big mountain no matter what it takes - rock, ice, mixed, aid, glaciers, slogs, etc. Thanks, Brian
  5. FS. Alpine/Ice/AT/ ect Cleaning the Basement

    Sent a PM about the Prophets.
  6. Bought a pair of brand new 44.5 Scarpa Mont Blanc's off eBay with my fingers crossed they would fit... but no such luck. I'd like to trade them for a pair of 45s, or a pair of 45.5 La Sportiva Nepal Evos. These are brand new with tags (sort of, the tag ripped off the plastic thing - if you're worried, I can send you pictures, they have exactly zero wear on them) so I'd like to trade them for something brand new or close to it. If you found out yours don't fit after a trip or 2, that's okay, I just don't want something with significant wear. If you have something else I might be interested in, feel free to contact me. Email or PM works: briansluther (AT) gmail (DOT) com Cheers, Brian
  7. -SOLD--- BD Black Prophet, straight shaft w/extras

    Ah shit my search showed up with the non-updated thread title, sorry 'bout that, I see the sold bit now.
  8. -SOLD--- BD Black Prophet, straight shaft w/extras

    Hey any chance you're still looking to sell this? If so, shoot me an email briansluther (AT) gmail (DOT) com P.S. I don't know why everyone always types their emails like that but they do so thats why I did... haha.
  9. boots for sale...

    Thanks Chris, I actually did already so I guess he just hasn't gotten it. The PM says he hasn't read it. On mountainproject it emails you when people reply to your threads (if you enable it) so I thought I'd give it a shot.. but thanks for lookin' out.
  10. boots for sale...

    Hey, hoping this might send you an email if I reply here. If you still want to sell I'll take em, let me know though because I found another pair for sale.
  11. boots for sale...

    Still got these boots?