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  1. Hi, we're looking for a competent 3rd climber to join us on Rainier this coming week. Dependant on weather, we're looking at Thursday-Monday timeframe (May 22-26). Obviously we won't need all these days, but we're trying to be flexible because of the spring weather. If you're strong, in shape, and competent with glacier travel and your gear, please private message me. Thanks, Rowan
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for two reliable partners to climb Rainier with on May 16,17, and 18 (Fri, Sat, Sun). I'll be travelling from Edmonton, Alberta. I've climbed Hood, Baker, Rainier (and in the Canadian Rockies) and have a decent amount of rope experience/ glacier travel/ avalanche training. I'm a strong and safe climber. Let me know if you're interested. I can be reached at 780.934.9651. Cheers, Rowan
  3. Mount Rainier (April/May)

    Hi there, sorry for the late response. Still interested in Rainier? I just booked May 15-19 off work. I have 2 other climbers who are potentially interested, but no one has confirmed yet. I live in Edmonton, AB so I would plan to travel to Rainier on Wed/Thurs (14/15) and then climb Fri, Sat, Sun (16,17,18), and travel back to Edmonton Sun/Mon. Could you potentially make the 16,17 and 18 work for the climb? Thanks, Rowan
  4. I'm looking to put together a team to climb Rainier this spring (April/May). Me and two other climbers off Cascades attempted a winter climb of Rainier two years ago in December, but we didn't get past Dis. Clever because of avalanche risk. Despite being December, things were melting big time on south-facing slopes (we saw an ice chunk the size of a mini-van tumble down the Ingraham Direct). And there was other recent ice fall we could see, so we pulled the plug. Probably could've given it another try with an early alpine start, but you've still gotta get down, right. I've climbed Mount Baker, Mount Hood, and have AST Level 1. I'm looking for a couple of reliable partners who are motivated and safe. Cheers, Rowan
  5. I recently moved to Vancouver, British Columbia and I'm looking for fellow mountaineers to climb with. I consider myself to be an intermediate mountaineer who's in great shape (have been climbing for about 4yrs, have experience with glacier travel, avalanche training, etc). My most recent climb was Mt. Rainier in December, and I'm itching to get climbing a lot more frequently. I'd be up for climbing alpine peaks anywhere within 4-6 hrs of Vancouver, BC. (Hood, Baker, Rainier, Garibaldi Park, etc). My moto is climb strong and climb safe. Avy beacons, shovels and probes are required and know how to use them. Email me directly at rowananderson3@gmail.com if you'd like to help me organize some upcoming climbs in the area. Cheers, Rowan
  6. Denali 2012 (June 7th - July 2nd)

    Hi Jeff & Dave, did you receive the personal email I sent you a few weeks ago about your Denali trip? Thanks, Rowan
  7. Winter Ascent of Rainier

    Yah the sun was doing a number on the route and the snow. We tried to get onto DC in a couple of different places but the snow was simply too mushy and soft getting onto the cleaver. Might be possible to get up there if its colder or if you go at night (but you'd still have to get back down). The huge icefalls off Ingram also made us slightly uncomfortable. Route finding above the cleaver will also be a huge challenge. There were some massive crevasses up there (we could see them from Cathedral Rocks and the ranger was mentioning them as well). If you guys go, shoot me a reply after. Would love to hear how you guys make out. Rowan
  8. Winter Ascent of Rainier

    Hey guys, 3 of us tried to climb Rainier a week ago. Just so you know, we couldnt find a safe way onto DC because the snow conditions were so soft and unstable. Lots of big ice falls coming off the Ingram head wall as well. Its been so warm there lately that lots of things are melting. I don't want to discourage you guys, just wanted to let you know about the issues we ran into a week ago. Good luck guys and safe climbing. Rowan
  9. Hi everyone. I've found one follow climber (he lives just outside of Seattle) who would like to join for this attempt of Rainier. We're going to cross our fingers for a good weather window of 3 days or so between Dec.4th and 14th. Is there anyone else who would like to join? Obviously, a larger group is best for crevasse rescue, if needed. I've been back and forth with the Park Ranger and a winter climb is certainly allowed (no closures). We'll just have to be very careful with the weather, avalanche potential and any snow that might hide crevasses. Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks, Rowan
  10. Hi everyone, I'm looking for climbers to climb Mount Rainier with during the window from Dec 4th - Dec 14th. I've done winter climbs of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, but have not been out to the west coast before (I live in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada). I've booked my flight to Seattle for Dec. 3rd so I'm open to climbing anytime between the 4th and the 14th (obviously, we'd pick the best weather window and make a summit attempt during that time). I'm a passionate outdoorsman and have always wanted to climb Rainier. I'm super easy going and consider myself to be in great shape. Please let me know if you're interested! Thanks, Rowan