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  1. Hi there- This may seem like an odd request, but I'm on a bit of a hunt. I work with the Biomimicry Institute, based in Missoula, MT. We're an educational non-profit founded by Janine Benyus in 2006 to help people learn to learn from nature. One of the things we do to tell the 'biomimicry story' is to gather products that were designed based on an amazing adaptation learned from nature, so that we can share these in exhibits, museums and educational programs in the US and internationally, most recently in the UK and Denmark. So-- I am trying to track down a Camp-USA Woodpecker ice axe, which was made with a curved handle in imitation of the form of one of nature's best hammers- the woodpecker. The axe has not been made for quite some time (so much so that the company doesn't have one and doesn't even have a list of retail outlets where it was sold. Kind of a goose chase. However, I thought I would ask at several robust climbing forums, and see if anyone has one, or has suggestions. I would really appreciate it if you'd contact me if you do! Thanks, and have a great day! Grace Decker Education Programs Assistant The Biomimicry Institute