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  1. Looking for a partner to do the wonderland trail (91 miles) this summer (late June) ending with a climb up Mount Rainer (probably via emmons direct). We would be trying to break the record so it would involve about 18+ miles per day of hiking on the trail ending with a 20 hr push to the summit. If you know anyone or are interested please let me know. Ultralight travel and mountaineering experience is preferred. If this sounds like your cup of tea, please let me know. -Ryan ryan.j.gagnon@wsu.edu
  2. Adams; Hood; or Rainer in?

    Has anyone any of these in the past week or so? I don't really care what route I just need to get climbing and don't want to get all the way there and have to deal with too much late season rock fall.
  3. Aconcagua 2012

    Putting a group together now if your interested. -Ryan
  4. Looking for a partner for a Liberty Ridge on July 10th-14th, I don't imagine it will take more than 3 days (Hopefully if conditions are good and were feeling strong 2 days) Let me know what you think. I'm open to alternatives if route isn't in... -Ryan ryan.j.gagnon@wsu.edu
  5. Denali 2013

    Im putting together a team for Denali next May. I figure we can do rainer and a couple other volcanoes this summer-winter and then decide if we are a good fit as a team. We have got a year to make this happen, get your stoked level up! -Ryan ryan.j.gagnon@wsu.edu
  6. I'm looking for a few people to go up Rainer this February. I'd like to climb with you a few times prior to then, maybe Hood in January beforehand. The routes I am looking at are the DC, Ingraham direct, or ideally the Gibraltar ledges. Let me know if this gets you stoked. -Ryan ryan.j.gagnon@wsu.edu