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  1. [TR] North Sister - SW Ridge 8/19/2015

    Great late season climb. So much safer with a small group. Go Team 6.3 !!
  2. [TR] The Tooth - South Face 6/6/2015

    Don't forget the barking dog that had been tied up below the first pitch and the owner yelling at it from somewhere above. Classy.
  3. Removed

    You are correct. This appears to have been shot outside the boundaries of the Wilderness Area. I forgot about that National Rec Area wedge on the south side of Baker.
  4. Removed

    Perhaps the difference is in your mind. From a third party's perspective, the a-hole's and the OP's drones sound the same, look the same, and violate the same prohibitions against mechanicals in wilderness areas. You think your intent makes you an exception. It doesn't.
  5. [TR] Mount Hood - McNeil Point 10/18/2014

    Closing the loop, I think.
  6. Skull Hollow Campground

    Stayed at Skull Hollow last weekend (Mar 15-16). Open.
  7. Dog on Mt. St. Helens

    Are you asking that we call Skamania Sheriff to report your friend's stupidity and negligant behavior?
  8. Rainier Rescues - disarray ???

    I would hope that Rainier would have a helicopter on call 24/7, as they do at Denali. If they don't, it would come down to someone asking, "Can my budget handle another rescue by charter flight this season?" That's the wrong question at the wrong time. I would not be surprised (nor would I object) if this results in a climbing permit fee increase.
  9. Guide Books For Sale $10

    PMed on the Watts Smith Rock book.
  10. WTB a Grivel Air Tech EVO hammer. If anyone has one they're not using (or a similar short hammer), I'd be interested. Thanks.
  11. Marmot Driclime windshirt equivalent

    I've been using my Marmot Dri-clime hoody for my bike commute this season with just a synthetic short sleeve shirt underneath. It breathes well. Can't say enough about it. For me, that's the perfect upper body action layer into the upper 20s. Your experience may vary. They're on sale at backcountry now. Thinking of buying another as back-up.
  12. WTB Grivel Evo hammer

    I bought a used Grivel Evo axe and hammer set here last spring, but lost the hammer in early summer (second %$#@ trip out). I'm looking for a replacement Grivel Evo (or similar) hammer. Not looking for a serious ice tool, just something with a bent shaft for high angle snow. Anybody have any lonely hammers laying about? Send a PM here or email at norenb at msn dot com.
  13. Alpine Phones

    As long as you don't have me on belay when that can't miss sales call comes through... The point is not being missed. It's being argued against. One argument against is respect for others. I've been on a mountain top, enjoying the wilderness and the silence, when the sound of somebody's ringtone and the subsequent blah, blah, blah shatters all that. This 24/7 access is your choice, but please don't bring me along for that ride. The OP probably didn't intend for this to become an argument about IF phones had a place in the wilderness. He seems to have decided that for him, they DO have a place. I also carry one, but try to restrict use to texting progress reports to concerned loved ones and emergencies.
  14. Alpine Phones

    "Hello?" "Hi Honey, it's me" "Hello?" "Can you hear me?" "Hello?" "Honey, I'm calling you from the top of the mountain" "The what?" "The TOP of the MOUNTAIN!" "That's great Dear. We just got another call from the collection agency and Johnny came home from school with headlice. My car is sounding funny again and the darn dog hasn't stopped barking since you left." "But I'm calling you from the TOP of the MOUNTAIN! Isn't that SO COOL!" Signal lost... "Maybe I need a new phone."
  15. 2-man roped team w/novice on Rainier: good idea?

    Neanderthal. I thought that it was a legitimate question from a concerned S.O. and I've been impressed with the responses. I rely on my S.O. as a reality check against my sometimes unrealistic plans. It's a partnership after all. I guess other's relationships may differ.