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  1. i'm in the mood to go car camping and cragging in the tieton river valley this weekend, but all my usual partners are off on other adventures. anyone want to go camp for a night or two, climb some routes and jump in the lake? (and maybe stock up on half price fireworks on the way....) i'm happy to drive (from north seattle) and will have plenty of room in my vanagon for passenger & gear. i was out there 4th of july weekend a couple years ago, and it seemed like there were enough rocks and camp spots for everyone. weather should be nice. i'm a "summer climber" who usually spends 8 or 9 months of the year splitboarding and then a few summer months relearning how to climb 5.10. i don't have any trad gear but am happy to belay some cracks. as you might have guessed, i also like "dispersed" camping in the natl forest.
  2. I purchased these shoes locally, then used them for one gym session and decided I don't like the downturned toe after all. This is a high-performance, moderately aggressive shoe designed for bouldering and hard sport routes. Size is EU46, which technically corresponds to US12, but I wear a size 10.5 street shoe and these shoes fit similar to my EU 44 Evolv and Scarpa climbing shoes. Send me a note if you'd like to try them on. I can bring them to Vertical World Seattle or Everett on most weekday evenings. Retail on these shoes is $160+tax, I'm asking $130. See the following links: five ten site moosejaw
  3. i'm free friday through sunday this weekend and hoping to climb one of the long sport routes on the the goat wall in mazama (prime rib, perhaps, or restless natives). i sport climb up to .10c, but have limited trad gear and experience. i have a van and am willing to drive. i'm also willing to entertain other ideas for the weekend... my usual partner (gf) is out of town and mainly i just want to climb!
  4. goat wall this weekend (9/29)

    ...updated for brevity...
  5. per my other post, i was hoping to climb at darrington on friday, but i could change plans to climb sunday instead and would be stoked on either of those routes. any chance you could do sunday?
  6. seattle transplant

    after spending the last couple years traveling, i picked seattle when it came time to settle down and work again. my girlfriend and her 6yo daughter have been great climbing companions this summer, but now they have both started school and don't have as much time for recreational pursuits, so i am looking to meet more climbers. my experience is primarily sport climbing (i lead up to .10b or so), but i just got my first set of stoppers and am committed to learning trad as well. i don't have any alpine climbing experience per se, but i love hauling my snowboard up steep, technical couloirs, and am interested in bringing the rope along on more splitboard tours this winter. i'm hoping to find a partner interested in some longer multi-pitch climbs (or another climbing family). i have a vw van and am always happy to drive and camp. i like long days and early starts and getting away from the crowds. i typically work monday-thursday. Ben. sativa_oh@hotmail.com
  7. seattle transplant

    i was about to write a new post when i remembered posting something here last year and dug up this old thread instead. most of the original info is still true... i've had a great summer cragging with the family, but before the rain starts and i lose interest in things not snow related, i'd really like to get after some bigger objectives. specifically, i'm looking for a partner for some of the longer sport climbs at goat wall in mazama. i'd also be interested in finding a partner with a rack and trying out some of the darrington routes. in fact i think i'm going exploring up there on friday (9/21) if anyone feels like climbing that day. i have fri-sun free any weekend after this coming one, and could probably arrange to take other days off as necessary. i also climb at vertical world in the evenings and would be happy to meet up there prior to heading out on some big mission. thanks!
  8. as my first winter in the northwest winds down, i find my thoughts slowly turning from snow to rocks. sadly, 6 months of great ski touring has not done much to maintain my climbing fitness. so in the interest of not spending my first few climbing outings in a complete state of pumped out flailing, i've been thinking of spending some weeknights at the climbing gym after work. i'd like to climb at the everett vertical world, as it is the most convenient location to my work. however, i don't know anyone who climbs there, so i'm posting here in hopes of finding a belay partner. so if anyone is looking for a new gym partner, send me a note... i'm free monday through thursday at about 5pm. i'd prefer to climb in everett, though i could also do the seattle gym, albiet later in the evening. i'll also be available for real climbing outings starting soon. but first i'm waiting for highway 20 to open up!
  9. no hits on my original attempt to find a partner for the everett gym, so i'm revising my criteria to more specifically include seattle. with highway 20 poised to open, i'll likely be snowboarding the next few weekends, though perhaps a trip to mazama could be worked in...