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  1. Camp 'corsa' ice axe. This is the lightest axe on the market at 205g (7.2oz). Its 50cm long and has never seen snow or ice (yet)! Lime green shaft. Forged aluminum pick and adze. Ideal for snow travel and self arrest. Would be a great axe for a person 4'5-5 ft tall. Asking 90 bones so I can get the next size up. I was so excited at the light weight that I bought it without even thinking of length. Guess size does matter. -Whitney Whittymax@gmail.com
  2. Kids ice axe <lightest on the market>

    Camp corsa ice axe never used, but carried up st helens last spring.. This is the lightest axe available.. 7.2oz, in the shortest adult size.. 50cm. Be great for 4'5-5ft people. Asking 90 since never used. I paid 120.. Charged myself a thirty dollar rental :-) -Whitney Whittymax@gmail.com
  3. Camp Corsca 50cm ice axe brand new. Only weighs 7.2 oz!! Forged aluminum pick and ads. Bought this axe as soon as I held it in the shop because of how lightweight it is, but after holding it up to my chest at home realized its too short. Best suited for someone around 5 feet tall. It's the smallest size camp makes truly making it the lightest axe on the market right now. Since it is unused I'm asking 20 bucks off retail, so 100 to go toward buying the next size up. Get it for less than any shop just in time for fall/winter climbing. Email Whitney at whittymax@gmail.com