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  1. Thank you everyone for your concern and well wishes; I am very appreciative. I wanted to provide you all with a quick update regarding my injuries and also thank those people who helped me during my descent. As for the injuries: I have a fractured wrist (scaphoid) that will require a surgery. My knee hurts if put weight on it or bend it and a MRI has been taken which will be evaluated on Tuesday-- hopefully it’s nothing too bad. I suffered a lacerationon my shin that was sutured without complication. Other than this I have a few minor abrasions and bruises. I came out alright considering what happened. I deeply regret not paying more attention; I could have avoided dislodging the loose rock at the top of that pitch. You live you learn I guess. Thankfully I was wearing a helmet which absorbed the majority of the impact. Thanks to my climbing partner for dodging the rock, catching my fall and working to affect our self-rescue. Thanks so much to the strangers who helped us with the finalbit at the base of the climb, giving us food/water and providing updates on the rescue situation. Additionally, I am lucky and thankful to have wonderful friends who came out in themiddle of the night from Leavenworth and Seattle to help us. I look forward to many more adventures in the mountains-- most definitely wiser and safer. -Sandeep
  2. Accident on Acid Baby?

    Thanks so much SWH for retrieving our gear. I sent you a PM
  3. Yes, that's the one I dislodged. The block is gone now. We didn't see a #3 c4.
  4. [TR] SEWS - Direct East Buttress 9/3/2011

    I am one of the "guys" mentioned in the report; also a good friend of Jasmine. My impression of the day was a bit different: Reaching SEWS summit in dark, rapping down in an unknown chossy gully, leaving two ropes behind, getting back at the campsite at 2:00 AM isn't success for me. I think it was poor planning on our part. Other than that, we really enjoyed the route and were pleased to on-site the cruxes-- such an amazing area. Thanks for letting us tag along behind you, Val. Those pictures turned out great!