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  1. Geezer on Rainier in 2021

    Those are good suggestions; I just need someone to go with; ideally a week from now. Dave 206-755-1697; dave@chapmanmortgages.com
  2. Geezer on Rainier in 2021

    Lets touch base tomorrow sometime. I see a bunch of responses; dave@chapmanmortgages.com; 206-755-1697
  3. Geezer on Rainier in 2021

    HI Theo, I just responded to your post. I have been up Muir route probably 30 times; up to the Flats a handful of times; up the DC a few times. I have never turned back due to exhaustion, etc. Been to the top 10 years ago and up Schurman route almost to the top but turned back due to a white out. Bottom line: I'd like to climb up to Muir one day; then go to the flats early on next day and then head up the DC early evening when it is not pitch dark and then traverse up to the top the rest of the way. The shelters are not open now so would need a tent and rope, etc. I have had crevesse rescue training but not an expert on this. I'm familar with the mountain. Ideally, need a team of 3 or 4 to go all the way. My experience is once you get past the DC, then it's alot of traversing, etc. to the top. If you are interested, you can reach me at: 206-755-1697; dave@chapmanmortgages.com
  4. Geezer on Rainier in 2021

    Hi there, I'm kind of in your ball park. I'm 75 but a fairly strong climber. Just went up Muir a few days ago. I've been to the top of Rainier at 65 and then once up Schurman route to 13,800 ft. Call me to discuss 206-755-1697 An Old geezers group would be good.
  5. Rainier this Summer?

    Hi Slee, I'm game for this as noted before. If we get another climber and go up Schurman route, we need a tent most likely but call me for any questions 206-755-1697 Dave Chapman
  6. Rainier - car to car, one day, DC

    I am looking to join up for a summit of Rainier; call Dave at 206-755-1697; dave@chapfamily.com