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  1. ok, great... Thanks!
  2. Going up there Sunday (8/16/15) anybody know what the water situation is? Thanks!
  3. Still nothing firm from anyone...
  4. 25 years experience on Alpine, aid and big wall stuff... I'm in the area for a week and am doing N. Ridge of Stuart Aug 2-3 with a partner, but would love to knock off another classic early in the week... Thanks, Smith Curry
  5. N. Cascades Alpine Partner: next few weeks

    I sent you a text... Tnx!
  6. I'm in town for about a week, and am climbing Forbidden on Sunday and Monday (July 29&30) with an old buddy, but want to do one more climb after a rest day. I have 20+ years exp. with FA's in Peru, Alaska and Zion. Thanks!!! Smith C.
  7. New to Seattle area

    I'm going to be in Seattle Aug 1-4 looking to do something in the mountains... I've been Alpine climbing for 20years and I'm pretty stoked to get up something! Tnx Smith C.
  8. I'll be in Seattle Aug. 1-4 looking to do a good route in the mountains. Shuksan,Stuart,Forbidden. Anything really... I have 20 years Alpine experience. Tnx! Smith C. (615)519-8556
  9. North Ridge Baker next week?

    Ill be in Seattle Aug1-4 looking to do something like that... I have lots of Alpine experience... Tnx, Smith C.
  10. Car to Car Aug 4-5

    I'm gonna be in Seattle looking to do something like that a couple days earlier... I'll be there Mon-Thurs.