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  1. Mt Adams in the dark?

    If I start the climb at Adams (from Cold Springs CG) in the dark, will I be able to find and stay on the trail? Another thought, is helmet needed? On Hood, this made sense but not sure if Adams is the same.
  2. Mt. Adams climb one day or two?

    I'm debating to climb Mt. Adams in one or two days. The one thing I keep thinking about is the snow condition by mid-morning (10am). I'm trying to gauge when I should reach the summit. I plan on glissading down. So going up I want the snow to be firm, but coming down, I want it to be soft. When should I reach the summit for ideal snow conditions? (given a clear day). How quickly does the snow begin to loosen up and turn to slush?
  3. Mt. Adams climb one day or two?

    Great info - thanks! Is a 3 or 4 season tent a must during this time of year on Adams? What temp can I expect at lunch counter (on a clear night) ?
  4. Adams access

    Pauls, what were the snow conditions above lunch counter (after 9am) ? I'm debating if I'll need crampons or climbing boots depending if the snow is firm, slippery, or slushy. I plan on reaching the summit around 10am but I'm wondering if the snow will be too soft and a pain to hike in. Thoughts?