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  1. North Sister climb

    Thanks I might be over reacting to the conditions. Jjune 6 is the day.
  2. North Sister climb

    Hi all, I am looking for info on North Sister, is the traverse and the Bowling alley relatively free of snow by June. Some friends are going then, I plan on later date myself. I am thinking it will still be pretty solidly snowed in and the top a block of ice in June. Can anyone confirm or give me some idea. Thanks Rick
  3. [TR] Mt Hood - South side 2/5/2012

    Hey Matt, Thats the route Dena and I did last August. I think we might have made the summit if we hadn't got involved with the 911 call about the skier who fell from Crater Rock. Funny I never saw a story on that one! I think me and Magnus will do a trip soon together, we have too many variables with a group. My main problem was I was tired but not that tired to summit. Ice was the big factor for us. Rick