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  1. [TR] Mt Jefferson - South Ridge 10/22/2018

    Thanks for posting as your fine photos brought back lots of memories. I used to climb up there in the 60s and 70s. Never saw the mountain so devoid of snow. Really appreciate your report!
  2. Hi Eric, Bob Richards and I climbed the West Ridge of Colfax in early summer of 1986. Unaware of the then unpublished CH route, we gained the ridge from the north, though patches of steep rock and snow. Once on the crest we roped up and wandered along the ridge awhile until a step or cliff routed us into the steep couloir that finishes off the CH route. It was our plan all along to gain access into this couloir. I always thought it would be a good winter outing, which you certainly proved. I think your route was a bit different..I don't remember any narrow couloirs like in your photos. We both really enjoyed our adventure on Colfax, but sadly two weeks later on our next outing Bob fell to his death on the Triad. We were climbing unroped, scoping out a new route on the north face. I always thought a hand or foothold gave way. Climb safe. Aloha, Scott Schmidt
  3. Thank you for sharing! Nice shots of Forbidden north side and lots of other peaks that I don't know.
  4. Thanks for the wonderful photos. I wish you would have added more captions to help identify those awesome peaks. Well done gentleman!
  5. [TR] Forbidden - NW Face 7/27/2013

    There was a rope hanging there in 1984 when I climbed the route. A story for sure.
  6. Did John let you fly the RV-6? I bet it was an epic flight. Scott
  7. Thanks for posting this midwinter, looks like spring, outing. Where is the snowpack? sls
  8. Oregon Pinnacles

    corvallisclimb-when my computer skills increase I will send some pics and stories of Oregon pinnacle climbing in the 60's on the East side of the Menagerie. sls
  9. Cascade Alpine Guide update - NOTICE!

    Over the top fred-sls