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  1. If you are looking for a more alpine route on Long's, read up on the Kiener Route. Lots of exposure with some class 4/5 climbing.
  2. Late Season Ski Rentals

    I'm up here a little late in the season, but hoping to get some turns in on Mt. Adams this weekend. Anyone know of places that will rents skis/boots this late in the season? -Thanks
  3. I have 3 MSH permits for Friday 9/2. Bad foot blisters will keep me from using them. Anyone interested in exchanging permits with me for later in september? I would consider trading my 3 for just 2!
  4. Baker partners for August 15-19?

    Any one interested in going up the CD in a day this weekend? I have my gear, but no rope. I have snow experience but no real glacier experience. Fit and can keep up with any group willing to have a relative new guy on the rope. -Greg
  5. Rainier - DC Route???

    Looking to do a 2 day ascent via DC this weekend (August 20/21). Either make it to Muir or all the way to Ingraham for camp and then summit the next day. I have one other partner currently. I have alpine experience with Hood and Enchantment peaks, but minimal crevasse rescue experience. Let me know if anyone wants in on the climb.
  6. Weekend Trips during month of August

    I'd be interested in Shuksan or Eldorado on Aug. 26-28 depending on my Rainier trip the previous weekend (meaning its not postponed due to bad weather). I'm in your same boat with being out here on business for a few months (have car and most gear).