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  1. Hi my name is Jordan, and I am a 30 year old from Eugene, OR. I am looking for one or two partners to go to Manaslu, Cho Oyu, or Shishapangma next Spring 2016. I am leaning more towards Manaslu because the logistics would be easier and cheaper. However Cho Oyu and Shishapangma also seem very fun to climb. I am planning on arriving in Kathmandu on April 15th. I have been to Denali and Nepal twice (never 8000m), and currently climb a lot in the Pacific Northwest. I would be interesting in traveling to do a warm-up climb with someone. If anyone knows of anyone please let me know! Thank you, Jordan
  2. Oregon Climbing Partners

    Hi my name is Jordan, and I am 30 years old from Eugene. I am somewhat new to Eugene, and I am looking for climbing partners in Oregon. I have about 6 years of experience and would like to find someone to go climb mountains such as; the Three Sisters, Jefferson, Mt. Washington, Three fingered jack, etc. I can lead 5.8 sport climbs, and would really like to do some sport/trad too. However, my really passion is mountaineering, so I am looking forward to the winter and would appreciate climbing/skiing with someone. Solo climbing is getting boring/dangerous! Thanks, Jordan
  3. Manaslu Or Cho Oyu Spring 2016

    Hi my name Jordan and I am going to Nepal April 14th 2016 to attempt either Manaslu, Cho Oyu, or Shishapangma. I have been to Nepal twice, but never to a an 8000m peak. I have also been to Denali twice. I have not found any partners yet and was surprised to see your post. I have already bought my plane ticket, but just need to find some people to go with. I really like the idea of Manaslu. It would be cheaper and easier to handle the logistics. What amount of experience do you have and were you planning on using a guides basic service costs?
  4. Why's it so hard to find Rainier partners?

    Yes I too want to summit Rainier. I am a strong climber who would be willing to do it in two days. I was thinking this wed or thursday. The weather looks good, if not I can do it the 24th - 26th of August. My names Jordan, just give me a call or emial; 206-915-3796, halas_jordan_4414@yahoo.com
  5. Rainier - DC Route???

    Hi my name is Jordan and I would be interested doing Rainier this wed and thursday, the 10th and 11th. I tried the DC route 3 weeks ago but also turned back due to weather. I am a strong climber and I believe I could do it if I have good weather and a good partner. Let me know if this would work for you, I live in West Seattle. Thanks
  6. Hey Kyle, I am new to Seattle and also want to climb Rainier this summer. I was thinking mid to late July, but if someone offered I would go anytime. I just need ten days in advance. I know little to nothing about Rainier, but I am a strong climber and have good balance. I ve been as high as 19000ft in Nepal and I seem to do well at 14,411ft. I am having a hard time finding a climber partner, so if your thinking of a date just let me know.
  7. time to climb

    Hi my names Jordan Halas and I really would like to find a climbing partner for Rainier. 5/28 is good for me but is it for sure yet. If so just email me at; halas_jordan_4414@yahoo.com or call me 206-915-3796