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  1. Baker seracs 8/13/16

    I have not been there before. Call me 360.349.9025, leave message.
  2. rainier between 28th of june and 1st julx

    Check PM from cc888
  3. Seeking climbing partners in olympia

    Earthspirt, I am in Oly too.
  4. Olympia Area Partner

    Anybody in the Olympia area looking for a partner? Contact: marmot18@hotmail.com
  5. Ingalls South Ridge 8/17-18

    Sounds good. Contact me at marmot18@hotmail.com friday morning. We can chat about the plans.
  6. fuel for my whisperlite

    can i use "vm and p naphtha" in my MSR Whisperlite Int'l? Bottle primer whole thing?
  7. If you are planning to be around the Tieton canyon area this weekend let me know. Thanks
  8. Rainier - DC - contact soon. Please send PM Looking at weather, go for summit either Friday or Saturday night Please respond if you have basic glacier experience and most of the gear needed. I have some extras to lend. Expect a moderate to sort-a-fast pace, not super fast wheels of fire though. Open to going all in one day or setting up a camp.
  9. Rainier - DC- Between Aug31-Sep2

    as of now the forecast looks best on Saturday-Sunday. Sat night winds at summit about 20 mph
  10. Rainier - DC- Between Aug31-Sep2

    29th it is. It didn't work out with the other dudes for this weekend, so let me know soon if you are still down for the 29th.
  11. Rainier - DC- Between Aug31-Sep2

    It looks like plans are coming together for this weekend, but you can always contact me Monday to get an update. Good Luck
  12. Intermediate climbs North Cascades June/July

    check your PM
  13. Looking for a partner(s)willing to leave paradise in late afternoon/early evening, brief regroup at Muir and head up the cattle track to the summit and back for a long day. I'm able to get weekdays or weekends of with a little heads up. Of course, great weather would be nice. I have most gear, but another picket would be handy. Hit me up here or marmot18@hotmail.com. I really want to do this in the next couple of weeks. Thank you, always looking for partners.
  14. Rainier - car to car, one day, DC

    I sent you a personal message.
  15. Baker, North Ridge

    Ok, hit me up if you know anyone who'd like to climb this classic route. I'd like to head down the Roman Wall. I can do it any day of the week so long as I have a little notice. Don't be shy, come on, you know you want to do it, just contact me..... marmot18@hotmail.com
  16. Baker, North Ridge

    I think others have posted that route over the past few days. I was refering to the Roman Wall as a way down. I will be going up the north side, which is steeper and would be better if you have at least some knowledge of placing protection and maybe using a pick of sorts in each hand due to this steepness. You should also be used to belay techs and have practiced front point tech w your crampons. I'd say it may be better to start on something else. If I have misunderstood you, sorry, please correct me. The Coleman is fun too, some really cool views on a good day. There are plenty of courses to choose from, club and AMGA, so if you want help finding a good match let me know. Thank you
  17. Baker, North Ridge

    Let's get up there before summer is over! Up the N Ridge, down Deming/Coleman. 3 day w travel. Send a pm and I'll give my #.
  18. Mt Jefferson, July 14

    sent pm