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  1. Here is a link to the goods on MP. I am located in Eastlake if anyone wants to meet up locally. Thanks! http://www.mountainproject.com/v/patagonia-icebreaker-black-diamond-clothing/112225671
  2. Here is a link to the photos on MP. I live in Seattle and would like to keep it local if possible. 206 799 6084, call or text. Thanks! http://www.mountainproject.com/v/la-sportiva-boots-and-or-helium-bivy/112001578
  3. I was there last year at the end of march for a couple weeks. The weather was unreal! Bluebird days everyday with a really good temperature too.
  4. Looking to get out climbing mon-fri for the next two weeks, then I'll have mon and tues off for a good while after that. Leavenworth, exit 32, Winthrop, index, smith, doesn't matter to me. I'm starting to lead 10's in trad and would love to try harder stuff. 11's in sport. I'm a 27male and am safe and reliable. Have a rope, rack, and a car. Nwbmx@hotmail.com
  5. the ascensionist is a medium and black in color, awesome shape. 80$ Bran new never used r1 pullover. medium and the color is orange. 80$ nwbmx@hotmail.com or 206 799 6084. thanks!
  6. still have the jacket? could you email me a photo of it? nwbmx@hotmail.com. just curious if its the all green one or the two tone. very interested!
  7. Where are you located at? I may be interested in the venom
  8. The backpack is in great shape. No rips or tears, and all zippers and everything else work as they should. I live in the greenlake area and can meet up whenever. $100. 206 799 6084.
  9. 300$ The jacket is bran new, color is black and the size medium. Im just going a different route i think, no problems with it. Heres a link to my CL ad, my phone is the best way to reach me. Thanks! http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/clo/3281364319.html
  10. No hurry, my email is nwbmx@hotmail.com. Let me know what day works for you!
  11. If you still got them, I'll take them. Just happens to be my perfect size! Edit- forgot to mention I live in Seattle too and can meet you at vertical world whenever
  12. I dont live in leavenworth, but i do make the drive up from seattle on the weekends a lot. I wouldn't mind bouldering or getting on some routes! I cant make it up this weekend, but i will be up next weekend if you want to climb. I have all my own gear too.
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