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  1. Summer heat question...

    Hey, I'm moving left again and am in the formulation stage of my plan. I will be leaving Wyoming after a WFR course in late June, and my ultimate destination is the Bend area to learn me more stuff... So anyway, my question is: Do I head straight to Central Oregon and find work/a room and climb some tuff, or is it just too darn hot to climb at Smith/nearby areas in July? I know that this question is largely subjective, and I will likely get a variety of responses, but I'd like to see what people think. Is it bearable? I do have some scratch saved up so I could extend my trip up north further(Index?), but if it isn't so bad I would like to post up near Smith as early as reasonable and save the loot, find a job, and find residence so I can get in-state tuition a year later. Thanks for any advice/beta. Chase