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  1. Do you have climbing holds you are not using? Seems like new holds are $5ea & up, so buying new gets pricy quick...My teenager wants to put up a climbing wall at home again. We had one at a previous house, and over time, I sold the old holds from that setup. He's been gym climbing the last two years & back into it. Given the school situation, it seems like a double bonus of giving him an activity (planning & building) & the benefit of a climbing resource until the bouldering gym gets fired up again & after too.Prefer- 3/8” bolt on style holds- Not woodAlso of interest, if you have any lying around unused:- 4-prong zinc plate tee nuts 3/8”- 3/8” x 1 1/2” stainless bolts- Climbing/crash pad [site for climbing wall will be exterior but under cover and with a concrete slab, so I'm trying to avoid mattress solution if possible]Not in a rush ATM, just putting out feelersLMK what you got(We’re in PDX so shipping is likely a concern for what could be bulky shipment)