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  1. NW Noob

    Finally! I was waiting for the flaming about Colorado. That piece of bait was just sitting there for way too long! Still looking forward to coming out there, I will just disguise myself in flannel and an attitude ripe with teen angst to seem more local.
  2. NW Noob

    Thanks again for some great info! We are flexible and have budgeted quite a few extra days to shuffle our plans depending on weather. We will be in the NW for a little over two weeks and have some other objectives as well, Ptarmigan was the only one we were questioning. Thanks for some alternative area suggestions in the range!
  3. NW Noob

    Thanks for the response! Why would you suggest a different route for the first time on Rainier? I like "climbing" more than "snow hiking". My partner has previously summited 2 other routes, so has more experience on Rainier. Again thanks for the insight.
  4. NW Noob

    NW NOOB here, Coming out from the 'Rado in early June to sample some of your Volcanoes and have a few questions RE: Ptarmigan Ridge in June. The plan is to attempt Ptarmigan Ridge the first or second week of June and after reading some of the prior posts on this board, I am looking more closely at our choice for time of year. The plan is this: Day 1: White River to Curtis Ridge camp Day 2: Curtis ridge to High camp (10,300) Day 3: High camp up and over, descend Emmons Glacier to White River. My questions are regarding the time of year and the slog I can expect. I am aware that weather conditions are highly fickle this time of year. Is it too early in the year for this route? Is it going to be a snow slog approach? (High snow year, this year I am guessing) Will the route even be in shape yet(all snow, no ice)? Are we stupid for even thinking of climbing this route in June? Any info is helpful and I know it is hard to predict anything in the future when it comes to your sweet, sweet mountains. Flame On!