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  1. 2011/12 Washington Ice Conditions

    Did some of that stuff awhile ago. Good fun if ya don't get on anything bigger.
  2. Why the Alpine Starts on Rainier?

    smash n grab kids... buy a last min helicopter flight up to muir, time that shit right, no alpine start needed. nuff said!
  3. No offense but you guys just decide to add to the trash and then proceed to give the good old "if you don't like it, go pick it up your self" attitude. Pretty freaking lame. Go clean up your own shit, and maybe pick up a party balloon or two, ya might feel a little better about your self.
  4. Best solo aid routes near Seattle (index, etc)

    There are some long sections between bolts on Town Crier so you might want like a 20'-30' stick clip for this route if you just wanna rack only quickdraws.
  5. second winter ascent [TR] Mt Huntington - Nettle-Quirk 3/19/2011

    How much does it cost to book last minnute tickets?
  6. Grocery Outlet Stories?

    they do not sell namaste bumper stickets behind the counter... not really my style. whole foods is where im at these days
  7. be careful this spring

    Sorry about your friend. Climbing does has its risks. My opinion? Don't even think about tearing up the vegetation. Big problem, dude. Boulderers altering the landscape is becoming an increasingly recognizable problem. (Denuding vegetation, stashing crash-pads which the local rodents love, chalkin' up every last crimp, etc). You want bouldering to maintain a low-impact reputation and stay relatively uncontroversial? Keep it clean and low impact. Leave the saw, ax, or whatever at home. respect the raindawg... hes right 99% of the time
  8. spring brake bitches!

    bring the kids to help carry loads... fix high and bunk with the wife on the deck, then SMASH AND GRAB!!!!! My style of coice.
  9. be careful this spring