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  1. Nice work you guys that looks awesome! I remember looking down that last year after climbing the west ridge and wanting to try it. I see more gullies in the Scurlock photo...
  2. Yeah post it wherever you like. The spraypainting was to indicate the direction of the crossover descent, consisting of a couple red arrows and the word rap painted by the rap stations. I have no idea why someone felt spraypaint was necessary, but I'll confess that we went in the direction of the arrows.
  3. Trip: British Columbia - Slesse North Face Couloir Date: 5/19/2012 Trip Report: My friend Greg and I climbed the north face couloir on Slesse this past saturday. A great route in great conditions with great weather, followed by a long and arduous descent. The bottom mixed pitch wasn't really in so we traversed left onto neve on the North Rib, where we climbed mixed ground and ice followed by a traverse back right into the couloir. Once in the couloir conditions were fantastic; solid neve with cruxes of thin ice over slabs or unconsolidated snow. The top pitch where you cross into the heart of darkness gully was quite interesting, climbed unconsolidated snow up one side of the rib and rock down the other side. The crossover descent was easy enough to find thanks to spraypainted directions on rocks on the ridge (not sure if i like that, but we did use them). Overall the route took 20 hours car to car. -On the approach. -The route is directly above Greg, you can see where we traversed left onto the north rib, and then back right across flutings. -This view is what made me decide to go left. -Looking down after the traverse from on the north rib. -Looking down during the traverse back right into the couloir. -Looking down the route from higher up. -The top out, after the crux rib cross-over. -Slesse looking pretty right before we were benighted. Gear Notes: Cams to 2", a few thin pitons, nuts, 4 screws, 2 pickets. Used it all.
  4. Trip: BC - West ridge of Rexford Date: 7/4/2011 Trip Report: Climbed the West ridge of Rexford all by my lonesome about a week and a half ago. Still lots of snow up there, snowline is well below the treeline. Mostly good cramponing and step kicking though, and all of the rock climbing bits are snow-free. Managed the whole approach/route in 12 hours car to car at a leisurely pace. Gear Notes: A 50m rope did me just fine for the rappels, very small rock rack brought but not used. Approach Notes: Bring an mp3 player.
  5. Hey I'm new to this site.. looking for mixed/alpine/postholing partners in the Vancouver area. I'd like to have a go at the north gully on Slesse this spring. Let me know if you're interested. Al