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  1. All, I have a brand new Mountain Hardwear EV2 4-season tent. If you are reading this, I am sure there is no need for me to describe the tent. I bought it directly from the Mountain Hardwear website in December 2011 with aspirations of mountaineering and winter camping. A long-term injury is forcing me to face facts and try to recover some of my money. The tent is brand new, never used, as it came when I received it from MH (never even pitched in the living room). I've paid $600 for it, not including taxes and shipping. Evidenlty, I'm looking to get as much back as possible and think $480 shipped to your door is a fair price for exactly the same thing you would get bying it directly from the manufacturer (you essentially get a 20% discount). I will consider all reasonnable offers and can take pictures upon request. You can either PM me or e-mail me directly at webenji_AT_gmail-DOT.com Ben
  2. FS: Feathered Friends Icefall & Others

    Interested in the Patagonia Capilene. Do you know which version is it (1, 2, 3, 4 or silkweight, lightweight, midweight, expeditionweight)? Could you post the style #? What color? Thanks in advance
  3. A combination of impulse buys and breaking up with my climbing partner means that I need to downsize my climbing gear. For now, I am trying to get rid of a few cams and some ropes. There might be more to come later... All of the gear ranges from like new to very good condition and is one-owner. Most of the cams have not seen a serious fall (probably all but one). Everything has close to full life left, and I stand behind it without reservations. All prices include shipping to lower 48 states and are OBO. Potential discounts for multiple purchases. More pictures and/or information upon request. You can contact me through PM or by email at bbalaguer__AT__ucmerced-dot-edu. For images, please go to MP post for pictures. Omega Pacific Link Cams Like new. Placed a couple of times. Never weighted. Size 2 - $75 shipped Size 1 (x2) - $70 each shipped Metolius 4CU (older version of the Mastercam) Used, in very good condition. Size 7,6,4,2 - $35 each shipped Wild Country Rigid Stem Friends Used, in great condition. Size 3,2,1 - $35 each shipped Mammut 50m half (1/2) dynamic rope, close to 9mm Never used. Carried a few times as an emergency. Essentially new. $115 shipped Edelrid 50m single dynamic rope, 10.2mm Used about 10 times as a training and teaching rope: around 8 times as a top rope and twice for one-pitch sport climbs. No falls. Pretty close to brand new apart for a bit of dirt on it. $100 shipped Mammut 33m static rope, 10.2mm Used a dozen times to set up anchors. Very minimal shealth wear, but otherwise in great condition. $70 shipped
  4. Closet cleaning time. Everything is in very good to almost new condition. Prices are per unit and do not include shipping. Discounts for buying multiple pieces. Prices are OBO. Send e-mail to bbalaguer__AT--ucmerced__DOT-edu. I'll update page as things sell and might add more things later on. Can take detailed pictures of items as needed. CAMP USA Tricams 6 (Yellow) - $18.00 5 (Orange) - $15.00 - (x2) 4 (Green) - $13.00 3.5 (White/Gray) - $10.00 3 (Dark Blue) - $10.00 - SOLD 2.5 (Light Blue) - $10.00 2 (Purple) - $10.00 1.5 (Brown) - $12.00 - (x2) 1 (Red) - $12.00 - SOLD 0.5 (Pink) - $12.00 - SOLD 0.25 (Black) - $12.00 - SOLD Black Diamond Hexentrics 9 (Yellow) - $7.00 8 (Orange) - $7.00 7 (Red) - $7.00 6 (Purple) - $7.00 3 (Gold) - $5.00 - SOLD 2 (Silver) - $5.00 - SOLD 1 (Silver) - $5.00 - SOLD Wild Country Rockcentric Hexes 9 (Purple) - $7.00 6 (Pink) - $6.00 4 (Yellow) - $6.00 Wild Country Nuts 9 (Red) - $5.00 8 (Blue) - $5.00 7 (Yellow) - $5.00 6 (Yellow) - $5.00 Black Diamond Stoppers - ALL SOLD 13 - $5.00 - SOLD 10 - $5.00 - SOLD 7 - $5.00 - SOLD DMM Nutter Nut Tool $5.00 Black Diamond ATC Belay/Rappel Device $8.00 Wild Country Flexible Friend I think it is a size 1.25, but not exactly sure $25.00 Black Diamond Bod Harness - Size Large Older model (2008?). Well used. $20.00 Mammut Static Dry Rope - 60 meter, 10.2mm Used 5 times or less. $110.00 Mammut Dynamic Rope - 50 meter, 1/2 rope, probably 8.5mm Used 3 times at most. $130.00 Arcteryx Gamma SV Jacket XL Pretty much brand new without tags. Used once or twice. $150.00 ArcTeryx Sidewinder SV Pants XXL Short Same as above. Brand new without tags. Used once or twice. $240.00 Pictures can be found at http://www.mountainproject.com/u/benjamin_balaguer/106746314?action=contribs&what=IMAGE&.
  5. Marmot CWM, Ropes, Cobras, Dragonfly

    Sent PM/e-mail for BD ropes.
  6. I have a brand new with tags Mountain Hardwear Lyell Sleeping Bag. The bag is a size long, 600-fill down, rated at -15F. I bought it without realizing that I would never need such a warm bag (a 0-degree bag would be more appropriate for the type of camping I do). I'm thinking $300 but will let the market dictate the price (OBO). I'm a long time follower but recent member at cascade climbers. You can check my eBay rating (150+ transactions 100% positive feedback) at http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=webenji2. Let me know if you have any questions or want pictures, Ben