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  1. WTB: Charlet Moser 10-point anti-snow plates

    Thanks for the idea. The original plates are rubber, and they've just melted with age. I just ordered some CM Super 12 plates on ebay; I'm hoping they work. I read about cutting your own plastic (or rubber) and attaching with zip ties, so that may be my alternate step. I'll take ideas on what kind of rubber to use, and where to find it.
  2. I'll take tips on where I might find some or how to make them, too. Thanks.
  3. where can I rent rock shoes in Seattle?

    I just confirmed that REI (Seattle) does rent them $12 for a one-day rental, which means pick-up Friday, return before closing on Sunday. $6 for an extra night.
  4. where can I rent rock shoes in Seattle?

    Does anyone know whether -- and where -- I can rent rock shoes in the city for use out on real rock? Thanks!