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  1. [TR] Buckindy Range - Solo Traverse 7/25/2012

    Sweet trip Tom!!! Awesome images -
  2. best of cc.com [TR] Black Peak - NW face 5/19/2012

    NIce work guys! thanks for all of the inspiring pictures -
  3. [TR] Mount Baker - Watson's Traverse in Reverse

    Excellent TR and story - Thanks for sharing
  4. [TR] Smithereens 4 classics - 3/9/2012

    Thanks for the stoke! Love the images!
  5. excellent images! I thought the he lives picture was the guy from the hangover movies. Cool trip - thanks for sharing
  6. [TR] - Stuart Lake Ice Cragging 1/7/2012

    Looks rad - Thanks for the TR
  7. [TR] Index - Solitude 7/24/2011

    Go get it Derek! Shred the gnar
  8. Nice images - Thats a cool place -
  9. [TR] Dakobed Traverse - Clark Mtn to W Tenpeak 8/6/2011

    I cannot believe how much snow is around still!!! Thanks for the report Tom. It going to be a rough year for the TB's. I think I should wax my snowboard back up! Mick
  10. Nice images - Thanks for sharing
  11. I love the reflection images
  12. [TR] Parenthood - First time climbing 6/11/2011

    SWEET!!! Two thumbs up is right!!! I take my 4 year old to the rock gym a few times a week can't wait to get him on the stone this summer. Thanks for sharing.
  13. [TR] Liberty Bell - North Face - 8/31/2007

    Looks like a fun way to spend an afternoon. I would imagine there are lots of variations and lines to explore. How many pitches did you guys run?