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  1. fishy: seller claims to have purchased a car that included a set of climbing gear: https://offerup.com/item/detail/719427430/
  2. Squamish Monday 10/15

    I am super stoked to be headed to Squamish after a long absence, but I need a partner for Monday October 15! I will already be there so cannot provide transportation to the crag but will be driving back to Seattle Monday night if that helps. I am equally happy to lead 5.6-5.8 trad (possibly 5.9) or follow 5.10-. Also open to sport climbing. Let’s soak up that October sun on some nice rock!
  3. Partner Needed: 13-14 OCT in PNW

    Have fun, Dave!
  4. Wired BD Hexcentrics sizes 8 & 9: $8 each Blue and brown Tricams: $12 each Rappelling 8: $5 Original owner. No falls on the gear. located in Seattle.
  5. Index Monday 5/8

    All day or until my arms melt. I can lead 5.10a. Follow a bit harder. text is best: 917-459-1713 OR: jsickle@gmail.com
  6. Partner found. thanks internet!
  7. Suddenly need partner for this weekend Sat-Sun or Sun-Mon. Could extend into part of Tuesday if needed. Possible routes include: NEWS NW corner Liberty Bell Becky Route (I still haven't done it!) Prusik West Ridge, Stanley Burgner or South Face Squamish: Rock On, Angel's Crest I'm open to other suggestions as well. I lead 5.9 alpine rock. Low 5.10s cragging. At Squamish I could lead every pitch if you do not lead. For alpine climbing I would want a partner who also leads. I have rack, rope and car. Let's get out there while the weather's good! John call/text 917-459-1713
  8. North Cascades Alpine Rock

    PM sent
  9. Index Friday July 29

    5.9/10a if I lead. Or a bit harder if you lead. jsickle at gmail
  10. Looking for a partner for two days of climbing at Squamish or Washington Pass. If we stick to climbs under 5.10b, I can lead every pitch, if necessary. Can follow a little harder. If I am leading the cruxes, some possible routes are: Squamish: Angel's Crest, Rock On, Hairpin, Papoose 1. Any moderate hand crack. 5.10 bolted routes. WA Pass: any of the moderate classics. I have a rack and car and can carpool or drive from Seattle. John email: jsickle at gmail
  11. Leaving from Seattle. Have rack, rope, car. I can lead 5.9-10a there or follow a bit harder. John V
  12. sep 5-7 need partner

    I would be down with that. Alpine rock would be great but am open to ideas. Sending PM with contact info.
  13. Could be a couple of hours or most of the day. Nothing particular in mind. Just need to leave Renton no earlier than 8 and be back no later than 6. jsickle@gmail.com
  14. I need a climbing partner for Saturday and/or Sunday! Nothing specific in mind. Open to suggestions. Will probably keep my leads to 10a or under, but willing to follow harder. With a partner available for one day, I'd be willing to climb around Leavenworth or Darrington. If someone is available for two days, Squamish could be in the picture. I have a car and am based in Seattle. John jsickle@gmail.com
  15. Wanting to keep bears out of the north cascades is a little like chipping holds. Unable to handle the climb as he finds it, the chipper dumbs it down to make it personally accessible, and in doing so ruins the experience for climbers who might have enjoyed and succeeded on the natural route. This is true of the climbs and also of the approach environment, where weather, dodgy scrambles, glaciers and wildlife are all part of the cascades experience. Anyone who prefers a bearless climbing environment has plenty of tamed crags to choose from, and even lots of peaks that will remain grizzly-free even if their numbers are boosted. So please don't ruin it for those of us who prefer our mountains to be as wild as they want to be. More bears. More wild. More real.
  16. Osprey Packs - Skiing / Climbing?

    I have a previous version of the mutant 38 and use it for longer alpine rock routes, ice climbing and ski touring. It a-frames fine. It is not super light, but it carries well for having just a foam backsheet, which is a good tradeoff for me. My only complaint is that it attaches hammerless ice tools poorly and requires me to clip a biner through each tool head to keep them in the pack. I am carrying those carabiners anyway, but it is still an annoyance. I don't know whether that's been addressed in the newer version.
  17. Thanks for replying. I found a partner.
  18. Looking to do a good alpine rock route or two end of next week. E.g. Prusik, Forbidden, Stuart (N. ridge), or anything in Washington Pass. I need to be back in Seattle by 9 PM on Saturday the 16th. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  19. Partner needed for one day trip, although driving up Wednesday evening and camping is an option. Open to route suggestions, but high on my list are: St. Vitus's Dance, Calculus Crack, Angel's Crest, and Smoke Bluff Connection. John V PM or text 917-459-1713
  20. Looking for a partner for some Squamish or Index moderates this weekend. Would be very psyched to get on some nice crack routes, but open to others too. Driving from Seattle. Edit: partner found.
  21. Looking for a partner in Leavenworth for one day (Tue or Wed). I am happy to lead up to 5.10b or follow. If Tuesday, we can carpool from Seattle area. If Wednesday I will need to meet you in Leavenworth. pm me or text/call--917--459--1713
  22. Nothing in particular in mind, but would like to get out climbing Saturday someplace dry. I am happy to lead (up to 5.10b or so) or follow. I can drive and am in Seattle. call/text.917.459.1713
  23. Looking for a partner Sept. 3-23 (or a portion thereof) focusing on long rock or alpine rock routes. If the weather looks good, Bugaboos or North Cascades would be nice. If not, I am willing to head to Yosemite, the Sierras, Utah, Red Rocks, or wherever the weather is good. Also willing to make one or more of these less rainy destinations plan A. I just want to get on some good climbs in nice places. I prefer to drive and camp. I can lead climbs up to 5.10a or so, but I will be happy to get on classic climbs of any grade. Ideally you also can lead trad, but I also would team up with someone who can follow trad and is willing to familiarize themselves with basic self rescue techniques. Basic snow skills (cramponing/self arrest/glacier) may also be necessary in the case of North Cascades or Bugaboos. If I can't find someone suitable for most of these 3 weeks then I'll be looking for a partner who can do the first half or so, then another for the second half. Go ahead and PM me if you are interested and can commit to at least a week. I am overdo for a good climbing trip. Help me make it happen! John V. (Seattle-based, climbing for 10+ years).
  24. Hi. I am new to the state. Can someone suggest a good alpine climb that would be accessible this time of year and can be done in a reasonable day? Maybe a nice alpine ice couloir or easy rock/mixed ridge? I lead 5.10a/WI4. Website suggestions pointing out what routes are typically in shape in what months would also be welcome. Thanks!