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  1. Denali 2018?

    greetings, i have placed a Wanted Partner post in the Rainier thread. long term my ambition is to gain a well intentioned base level of alpine and glacier experience using mentoring partnerships. ultimately --- i am going to Denali. would any of you be interested in a 2018 Rainier objective on the Emmons Glacier route? scott
  2. Rainier Pardner 2018

    greetings, anyone wanting to go the Emmons Glacier route this spring/early summer? I am also a Rainier fan and looking for partner(s) interested with good experience & fitness. I am from the Midwest (Missouri or "Missery") and had a Mt. Pisco summit in 2016 as an initiation into my Alpine ambitions. I originally had a former climbing mentor now a professional guide working from Yosemite and Chamonix interested in the trip, but it looks like his schedule flux won't allow the opening for our attempted effort. (his prior YOSAR experience may be snagging him for a repeat enlistment) I am a beginning Alpinist and humbled by my own inexperience in the glacier and alpine risk/reward arrangement. I am interested in gaining a partner(s) with an endowed knowledge base for the Cascade alpine environment and would be flattered to gain another mentoring partnership for new skills. .
  3. a celebration of climbing partners - too many memories, too many years without new ones . . . . my best climbing partner and fellow warm Guinness advocate - Ian in the middle of "Stolen Land" 5.11c on the Altar at The Monastery crag outside of Estes Park, CO. Ian was 19 years old & we thought this was the game . . . . 2 years later Ian was running his own construction crew building houses - i think we've managed to get 3 good days of renewing the climbing p'ship in the last 7 years . . . . "so ist das Leben" (such is the life) scott
  4. greetings, this is my 1st day as a new member to Cascade Climbers forum - & with my 1st day of reading --- Jay's amazing storytelling compels me to write a "Thank-you" to Jay & this forum for making a cool place accessible for this type of adventure. in 1979 - 1980 i was in my 2nd year of college @ Univ. of Missouri - hopelessly lost, gnarled in apathy, i would drop out 2 times before finally getting the degree . . . . i think Jay & his gang had what i was missing. thanks from a midwest alpinist, scott harrisonville, missouri