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  1. FS: MSR Fury Tent

    Not yet.
  2. FS: MSR Fury Tent

    I have a MSR Fury 4 season tent used on only a few adventures. It's essentially brand new. Considering that it was voted "best buy" on outdoor gear lab, and I'm selling it for $180 less than Amazon, it's a pretty damn good deal (price firm) for a bomber 4 season tent. I'm selling because I need the $ more than this tent - broke my wrist and can't work. http://www.outdoorgearlab.com/4-Season-Tent-Reviews/MSR-Fury *my fury has tube sleeves, not clips shown here. With a little practice, I figured out how to set this thing up in a flash. amazon price: $550 my price, shipped USPS with tracking: $370 first payment to go through gets dibs. Thanks for looking, Braden
  3. You might be interested in my MSR Fury that's in great shape. https://www.rei.com/product/810195/msr-fury-2-tent I have the original version with the pole sleeves rather than clips, which makes it a bit more sturdy with the tradeoff being more beta intensive to set up (once you have the beta though it's pretty quick and easy - I'll show ya if we can meet up). Message me if you're interested.
  4. Strong work and thanks for the beta!
  5. I have now until the 27th to climb and am looking for partners for Squamish and/or Washington pass. 5.10-2.12ish. im in Squamish right now. Shoot me a message if u wanna meet up.
  6. Squamish, WA Pass, 5.10-5.12

    C'mon folks! I promise I won't bail on you and I'll even wear some deodorant!
  7. Thanks for the honest writeup. I think anyone who spends enough time in the mountains has a "close call" eventually, whether they realize it or not.
  8. Looking for Squamish and Equinox partners from now until the 15th. Ideally I'd find someone capable of climbing multi pitch 5.11 or 5.12 cragging. Please hit me up! 614 315 6226
  9. I have the next 2 weeks off work and am looking for weekday squamish partners. Ideal partner would keen on early starts and psyched for getting milage on 5.10 multipitch. I've hardly rock climbed since October so my tendons ligaments and technique will need some breaking in. Pretty easy to please so long as you know how to build a bomber anchor and belay and don't take yourself too seriously.
  10. [TR] Mount Baker - Coleman Headwall 3/7/2015

    thanks for the TR. I like your honesty and thoughts on staying roped vs taking the rope off. Good food for thought.
  11. [TR] Eldorado - NW Couloir 3/1/2015

    nice work! .. and sweet pictures!
  12. Hey Folks, My original Outdoor Research Alibi and Alpine Alibi gloves were great (climbed well and nearly indestructible) but I'm not impressed by the new Pittards Oiltac Leather after destroying my Alibi's in less than 5 days in the rockies. I'm interested in what folks are using and abusing out there. I understand that even the best glove will be destroyed by handling ropes eventually, but I don't think it's too much to ask for a glove to last more than 5 days of climbing / rappelling. Specifically, I need a lightweight tech glove and midweight insulated ice glove; i'm very happy with my heavy duty belay glove (BD guide). Thanks, Braden
  13. glove recommendation for ice/alpine

    Lots of good stuff here to check out.. helps narrow it down. Thanks!
  14. No TR for the Polish Route. In short, we caught it in really good shape but it still proved to be a full-value shakedown for me. As far as keeping the stoke alive, Wayne, here's my take.. After taking some time away from climbing stuff like this I've come to realize that climbing certainly isn't all there is to life; however, adventure, spending time with friends, physical and psychological challenge, being awed by wild places, and especially the perspective an intense experience like Wild Game can shed on ones life are certainly great reasons to get after it. Taking time to think hard about why I climb has been the best thing I've ever done for my stoke. If that doesn't do it for ya, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjRGHGV_MVI
  15. I did my best to draw Dan and Rolf's line "Buck Shot" accurately in Yellow; Wild Game in Green.
  16. PM me if you're Interested in a lightly used MSR Fury. See here for review and specs: http://www.outdoorgearlab.com/4-Season-Tent-Reviews/MSR-Fury Cheers, Braden
  17. SOLD

    I'm selling my Super Pluma Jacket, green, medium, originally purchased on Steep and Cheap for 239.99 - selling for $150 (includes shipping). SOLD
  18. [TR] Dragontail - Triple Couloir Attempt 2/24/2013

    Thanks a lot for the conditions report, Dave! I find these types of TR's extremely helpful.
  19. Trip: Snoqualmie - Pineapple Express Date: 1/14/2013 Trip Report: Climbed Pineapple Express last Saturday with my buddy Will. FUN ALPINE CRAGGING! CONDITIONS: Encountered breakable crust up the phantom slide. Snow conditions around the base of the N Face were very very firm and no flotation was required. On route we found sticker snice down low and more breakable crust over sugar snow higher on the route, which Will plowed through like a rabid beast. Here's a short bad video.. should give you some idea about conditions though: ROUTE: We solo'd the first couple pitches (snice 3ish). The next pitch was mixed corner (around M6) and protected well allthough it kept my attention for a while. Will took over with the next pitch, which involved a lieback corner (M5ish?) and some tree climbing.. solo'd some more to the point where will free'd the aid crux (5.9+ish?) finish of NYG. I forgot my headlamp and a time consuming slow ski/hike out brought us back to the car. Thanks for another awesome climb, Will. Gear Notes: blue-orange metolius. .5-3C4. a couple long nylon (durable) runners for sharp chock stones. Placed a couple pins. I don't recall placing any stoppers but we brought a set along. We used 70m doubles which was a bit overkill. I think a single 60 would suffice for the bold. We brought ski's on the approach but I think snowshoes might be the ticket for mediocre skiers like me.
  20. Thanks b_free. pm sent.
  21. Any other mixed climbers in Bellingham? If so, lets train and/or carpool to go drytooling. In the rain even - I don't give a fuck.. but when it comes to doing fig-4's on monkey bars i find i stay movivated much longer if I'm training with someone. THanks, Braden
  22. Hey everyone, I have until December free and want to go on a roadtrip inland to find some ice and mixed. Perhaps the Canadian Rockies, Montana, Wyoming, or if schedules don't allow for that maybe some snow covered rock here in the cascades. I'm open to other ideas as well. If interested, shoot me a message and let's try to go climbing this weekend at the Rap wall (snoqualmie pass area, drytooling m7 to m-flail). thanks! Braden
  23. Rap wall this weekend?.. Rockies later?

    hmm.. well i guess it is pissing outside. better get used to it though. Anyways, this post is still valid for next weekend as well.
  24. Trip: Enchantments - Colchuck - N Buttress Couloir to N Buttress Date: 12/3-4/2011 Trip Report: Last Sunday my buddy Chris and I climbed Colchuck. Due to leaving in a hurry, we didn't gather any beta other than a couple good topography maps for approach/descent. Having that said, I'm pretty sure we climbed the North Buttress Couloir to N Buttress. *the character of the route makes it hard to describe.. lots of choices and options for routefinding so my best beta is to just follow your nose. *camera tilt unintentional Route: The climb started in the rightmost of two obvious couloirs on Colchuck (NBC). You can't get a good view of the NBC until you’re pretty much underneath it. One noteworthy detail of our climb is a 25m traverse left into another couloir which eventually led to the rocky broken ridge. Once we gained the ridge it became apparent that speed was more prudent than taking pics.. sorry. About 7 hrs from start of route to summit. Descent: Straightforward jaunt to Stuart-Colchuck col. Might be more exciting in icier conditions. Conditions: We encountered long stretches of highly variable snow climbing (from deep wallowing to wind-hammered) connected by shorter sections of snowy rock and ice. We solo’d most of it aside from a few 50-100’ pitches of easy 5th and a couple blocks of simulclimbing on the ridge . Gear Notes: We brought 4 or 5 screws (didn't use them) and a single rack from blue metolius tcu, .4-2 C4 (used all), wires, and a few pins (used one blade). Since we didn't know what to expect we brought twins but only used one - this worked great since the cruxes were short. Approach Notes: Solid bootpack to Colchuck Lake: about 3-4 miles on a road to 3-4 miles boot packed trail.