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  1. FS: Skis, Boots, Jacket, Avalung

    Heres a link to my craigslist ad of gear I have for sale. Im located in Tacoma, not Wenatchee. http://wenatchee.craigslist.org/bik/4750522604.html
  2. I always have trouble posting pictures on here so below is a link to my craigslist ad. In Leavenworth, local pick-up preferred. Cheers! Tavin 253-209-8370 http://wenatchee.craigslist.org/bik/4491083775.html
  3. Looking for Leavenworth Partner

    Just moved to Leavenworth for the summer and am looking for some regular climbing partners. I'm interested mainly is multi-pitch, cragging or alpine, mainly just wanting to climb and meet the local community. Comfortable leading 5.9 follow 5.10 and comfortable/ willing for long approaches. My schedule is very flexible. Text or email is easiest way to communicate. Cheers! Tavin 253-209-8370
  4. Fall Closet Cleanout/ Trip Funding

    Last minute gear cleanout before heading down to South America for the winter. Would prefer to do local meet-up in Tacoma/ Seattle area but shipping is possible as well. Paypal. Pictures upon request, text/ email. 253-209-8370 $20 Under Armour Fleece Hoodie Large- Electric Yellow, Like New $10 North Face Logo T-Shirt Large- Green, Like New $15 Patagonia Long Sleeve Shirt Large- Black, Logo on Back. Brand New $10 Under Armour Wicking Shirt Large- Green. Like New $30 Pearl Izumi Cycling Jersey Long Sleeve Large- Mostly Black, Like New $20 Pearl Izumi Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve Large- Black/ White, Like New $15 Pearl Izumi MTB Shorts Small- Grey $30 Prana Zion Pants 32" Long- Grey, Brand New $20 Scott Snowboarding Cargo Pants Large- Black, Brand New $150 Arcteryx Beta AR Jacket Large- Red $30 Rossiginal Snowboard Boots 10.5 $200 BD Quadrant Ski Boot 29.0- Used 2013 Season Only. $600 Liberty Double Helix 182/ Marker F12 Touring Binders/ BD Skins- Only Skied 3 times last on year entire set-up $150 Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera DMC-ZS1- Great Condition. Case, cords, software. $150 Azzuri BCA Road Bike. Very cool, clean vintage road bike.
  5. Moving Sale - Camp, Bike, Climb, Ski, Free!

    pm sent on haul bag
  6. Hello, A friend and I just booked a trip to South America this November and will be starting in Patagonia/ El Chalten and travelling north through the next couple months. Im more of a climber than he is but am bringing gear to do both alpine/ sport routes although I dont have any specific bad-ass objectives in mind. Its mainly a travel experience but we plan to do as much biking, climbing, backpacking, dirtbagging as possible. Im comfortable leading 5.9trad 5.10+ sport and have a fair bit alpine experience in the Cascades. Mainly looking for advice from others who have been there both for climbing and general travelling information. Also looking for climbing partners too! My buddy is leaving Beginning of January so I plan to dirtbagging till money runs out but want to spend as much time climbing as possible! Thanks for any advice. Cheers
  7. Thanks for all the beta!! Ill research and email you if I have any additional questions. Much appreciated!
  8. Trip: Tatoosh Range - Tatoosh Traverse Date: 7/20/2013 Trip Report: This past Saturday, July 20 my friend Jeff and I finally completed our three week long objective to traverse the Tattoosh Range in a single-push effort. Prior to July 20 we had attempted this feat both previous weekends but fell short due to low visibility/ navigational problems (July 6), and the following weekend (July 13) was cut short by routefinding (damn goat trails!) and the extra time required for a three person party. Neither time did we make it past Lane Peak. Nevertheless, by our last attempt we were confident in our intended route and determined to finish, because who really wants to spend their entire summer on just one minor range in the great Cascades. From our previous experience we had our schedule planned out fairly accurately which we even allowed a couple extra hours for those ‘do we follow this goat track or that one?’ moments, which thankfully we accounted for because it happened several times throughout the day. We left Puyallup Friday about 9pm, picked up some food along the way, and rolled into Longmire about 12. We awoke at a semi-alpine start of 4am, caffeinated and fueled up and were on the Snow Creek trail by 5:15. Our first scheduled checkpoint was to be at Castle peak by 9:30am where Jeff’s dad would meet us and direct us up Lane and give beta to the rest of the traverse. We shouldered our packs just to the base of the snowfield up Unicorn where we dropped our heavy, beer- laden packs (we each brought a sixer, reasoning it would keep us hydrated and motivated to enjoy a frothy beverage every other peak we bagged) and tagged Unicorn, Boundary, and the sub-summit Mt. Gesswick by 8:30. Tatoosh Range from Boundary Peak Next was the spectacular ridge traverse to Foss and continued on to Castle (9:45am) where we met Jeff’s dad and enjoyed the scramble to the top and a refreshing brew. We opted to traverse the north facing snow slope over to Pinnacle which proved to be a little more stable and possibly less time consuming than the tedious talus fields. Pinnacle, Plummer, and Denman were topped out without any hassle and in good time. We descended to Lane, received our final beta from Jeff’s dad where he turned around and headed back to his car and assured he’d be waiting at Longmire. Base of Castle. Cheers!! On top of Pinnacle. Myself, Fred (Jeff's dad), Jeff Re-hydrating just below Plummer Jeff demonstrating that hydration is crucial, and enjoyable. Top of Denman By 3:30pm we were making the long traverse to Wahpenayo. The sun was hot, the flies and mosquitoes were attacking us, but we were stoked to be making new progress from our previous attempts. At the top of Wahpenayo we could see the Eagle peak trail and devised our plan of attack for the last two peaks. With end in sight and knowing the worst was behind us we began the last leg of our long standing goal. Unfortunately the trail descending Wahpenayo to Chutla fizzled and we ended up bush whacking our way up to the Eagle peak trail which expended a lot of energy and diminished our hope of finishing the traverse in what we thought was ‘pretty good’ time. From the saddle, we(slowly) knocked off Chutla and crawled our way up Eagle, the last and final peak. Although we didn’t imagine the last two peaks to turn into such a fight we were renewed with the motivation that sandals and a cold watermelon were waiting for us at the end of the 3.6 mile hike to Longmire. On the hike back we sipped our final beers, bitched about our boots, talked about our next potential objectives, and amazed over the opportunity we had to experience such an enriching outing. We finally stumbled into Longmire at 8:30pm, about 15 hours from the time we left our car earlier that morning. Chutla. One more to go. The watermelon and sandals we dreamed about delivered all that we hoped for and we hurried down to Bruno’s to enjoy a well deserved dinner. Although, we didn’t do it as fast or as light as we believe we could have, we both agreed that it was one of the best trips we’ve had in awhile, and definitely would recommend it to anybody who favors short scrambles, less travelled trails, and spectacular vistas in an iconic setting. Gear Notes: We brought a 30m rope to rappel but not necessary if you dont have a problem down climbing easy 5th class Approach Notes: Snow Creek Trail
  9. forbidden this weekend aug 2-4

    pm sent.
  10. [TR] Tatoosh Range - Tatoosh Traverse 7/20/2013

    WildBlue,I couldnt have said it any better than Rob. But if you dont even want to deal with the hassle/ time trying to down-climb the scrambles then a 30m rope would be advisable. And there are plenty areas along the ridge to camp. There is currently a very nice stream running from Plummer down the trail towards Denman so that would be a great place to set up a BC, and is about half way too. "Good stuff! Glad you guys take hydration seriously as well! Another one to add to my Cascade to-do list." Yes we do. Its a good one!!
  11. Skinning up to Muir Sunday

    Pm sent!
  12. 3 pr double boots size 45

    What size are the bindings? Are you willing to sale bindings alone?
  13. Eldorado Peak this weekend

    pm sent
  14. La Sportiva Spantik boots, sz 46 excellent!

    Still available?
  15. Moving/ Extra Gear Cleanout

    Moving out of state and need to get rid of my extra gear. Will consider all offers. Willing to trade for trad, ice, alpine gear. Leaving Thursday Jan 26, trying to get this all gone by then. PM/Call/ Text 253-298-8667 Pictures at: http://s608.photobucket.com/albums/tt165/tavincraig/Gear%20for%20Sale/ Maps- $50 for all or $2 each Most are of the Cascades although there may be a few in Oregon and Canada. Many of them are laminated and range from great to good condition. Also have a Alaska road atlas. Books- $5 each Snowboard -$100 Boots -$30 Gnu 161 Wide snowboard. Used only last season and in great condition, no core shots, and edges are great. Mounted with Flow bindings. Rossi Boots size 11.5. Great condition Koflach Plastic Boots Red- Size 13. Lots of wear but still have some life in them. $10 Orange- Size 11. Great condition with very little signs of wear. $50 Skis 182 Liberty Double Helix- $200 FAT POW SKI!! Perfect condition. No core shots or scratches. Edges are straight. Only skied 5 days last year. Drilled once. 150/121/140 http://www.backcountry.com/liberty-double-helix-ski.html (Same Ski with same dimensions, just older model.) 170 Tua Sumo Ski- $75 (These were given to me and I've never used them. Originally were set up for tele) Comes with skins and crampons. Great approach or learning ski. http://web.tiscalinet.it/gespal/sumo.htm Avalanche Beacon- $20 (Also given to me and I've never used it.) Older analog avalanche beacon. Was told it works, just needs new batteries. Mountaineering Hardware 2 older ice axes. The shorter blue is a Chouinard Equipment. The longer purple is a black diamond. $15 each Charlet Moser Crampons. Some rust but work great. - $15 Collapsible shovel - $10 Alpine Bod Black Diamond Harness Size Large. My backup harness that has only been worn a couple times with no falls. - $15 Old climbing rope. NOT FOR CLIMBING. -$10 Backpacks Older Mountainsmith backpack. Around 30L. Has a broken shoulder strap but was a great day pack before it broke. Would be in working condition if it was sewn. -$5 Lowe Alpine daypack. Everything works. Great condition. - $15 Bivy sack. Never been used perfect condition. - $15 North Face bibs. Size large. Full zipper, built in gaiters, great condition and worn only a handful of times. -$20 Arc'teryx Beta AR Jacket. Size Large. Perfect condition. Worn only a couple times with no signs of wear at all. -$200 http://www.arcteryx.com/Product.aspx?EN/Mens/Jackets/Beta-AR-Jacket# Ground Jacket. Size Large. Great condition. -$30 Mountain Hardware Monkey Man Fleece Jacket. Size Large. Great condition. -$20 http://www.mountainhardwear.com/Men%27s-Monkey-Man%E2%84%A2-Jacket/OM3344,default,pd.html
  16. Moving/ Extra Gear Cleanout

    All items sold except skis, maps, and books. Sorry if i never got back to you. Too many responses ps. Go ski baker. Deep pow
  17. Ski Tour/ Alpine Action

    Up in Washington for the next week Jan. 21-28, in the process of moving to So Cal for a couple months and trying to sneak in all the snow/ alpine I can get. Planning to be in B-ham Sunday (Jan 29) till Tuesdayish and possibly Hood later in the week. Looking to attempt something on Baker or another objective close by there. Looking for an easy to moderate ski (switching from the board to the sticks this season, so something easy preferred)or some good old alpine. PM or call/ text if you want to make something happen. 253-298-8667
  18. Moving/ Extra Gear Cleanout

  19. Tuesday Ice Climbing

    If you haven't found anybody yet I'd be interested. PM me if your still looking. cheers
  20. Camalots and TCUs for Sale - $20 each

    pm sent as well
  21. Hey everybody, Im planning a trip to Europe(1st time) this summer and hope to get lots of climbing in. Ill try to keep this short and sweet although I have so many questions/ concerns. Here's an overview of my somewhat 'planned' trip. First, this trip is very flexible. I have major cities I want to see but nothing is set in stone. I want it as 'in the moment' as possible. Duration: June 16- August?(bought a one-way and have no reson to be back at any specific time.) Cities- Rome, Florence, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Paris, Chamonix!, Monaco, Barcelona, Madrid Unfortunately I wont be able to take very much climbing gear but have the means to buy/ rent any gear that I need over there. ANY information on climbing areas(crag, boulder,gyms,alpine, etc.)climbing partners, attractions, contacts, guides, gear rental, places to stay, things to eat, etc. would be very very helpful and appreciated. Simply, if you have any tips or information on anything in Europe, please let me know. HUGE Thanks.
  22. Summer Euro-Trip

    Thanks Graham thats great to know. Wish I could've gotten over there sooner.
  23. Summer Euro-Trip

    Im planning to visit all those cities and climb on my non-travelling days.Im planning to spend at least 3 days in each city so it wont strictly be a climbing trip but I want to incorporate it into my plans as much as possible. As for the type of climbing, in the Alps(Mt. Blanc Range) I would love to do some of the classic alpine routes. In the Dolomites I was thinking of some cragging, possibly even some longer hikes, and in Spain try some deep water soloing with whatever else I can get on. I think the area where I would most like a guide would be in the Alps for the longer, alpine routes. Huts would be awesome to stay in but the ones I saw were a little pricey for what I had in mind.? Thanks for the response. Im getting super psyched just thinking about it.
  24. Intro and Request

    Hello everybody, I'm 20 yrs old and have been mountaineering since 13. In that time I've climbed many of the popular NW peaks (Rainier, Hood, Baker, etc)but have a desire and need to do more. I recently took the Alpine Ice Climbing course from AAI which made me realize how committed I want to be to climbing. The problem with my situation is that I know very few climbers or friends who want to learn how to climb. It doesnt matter what type of climbing it is, I want to do it. In short, if there is anybody that needs a partner or has the patience and desire to teach me I would be forever grateful. Im willing, able,and motivated to learn and experience any climb at all. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.