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  1. Nice..Next year you need to do the hanging handle mustache
  2. Ice tools and SKis

    Atomics sold LINEs sold Takoons- sale pending Machines- sale pending
  3. Ice tools and SKis

    Time to clean out the ol closet and get some money for gear already bought… Pics of all equipment available at http://picasaweb.google.com/Palmer.sctt/IceToolsAndSkisForsale# 1. Grivel Taa-k-oons ice tools with an extra set of picks and the triggers. $265 One of the best ice tools I have used. 2. Grivel Machines and leashes $125 Once told that these things swing themselves. 3. Atomic RT86 with Black Diamond fritschi freeride bindings 176cm. $250 Great shape, no major nicks or gashes, but not baby smooth either. Bindings are in great shape as well. Skins come with, but they are on their last leg. Just an extra! 4. LINE Chronic Blends with Tryolia Peok 12 bindings 173cm. $250 Great shape, bought last year, skied maybe 5 times. Just too small for me or I would keep.