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  1. Kickin The Season Off

    I am kicking the season off with a rad new photo tournament. Lots of prizes to win like Grivel tools, Beal Rope, Scarpa Rebels, Cilogear pack, Rab Microlights and Alpinist Magazine subscriptions. Just about everyone will win something. If you have a handful of awesome photos get in the game. Check out all the info here at Coldfear
  2. Check out the latest video in the Regulators series. It was a slow start to the ice season this year but eventually the air and trail miles paid off. Episode 9 "Chasing the Unknown" Happy New Year Aaron Mulkey www.coldfear.com
  3. Coldfear Photo Contest

    Only a few days left to get your photo in the contest ! Also check out the latest coldfear.com FA "The Dutch Rudder" [img:center]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Ztw933eQ4Pw/T6XEg5tK-nI/AAAAAAAABfI/EBpRdAAa_bk/s1600/dutchrudder4.jpg[/img]
  4. Coldfear Photo Contest

    [img:center]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-LOhq5XU32L4/T57kOBfHI9I/AAAAAAAABek/eyIShzmuu_0/s1600/PHOTOCONTEST.jpg[/img] I am excited to announce the first Coldfear Photo Contest which will be held on the Coldfear.com Facebook page found here - Coldfear Facebook Page . 1. One photo entry per person. 2. Must a be a winter climbing/life shot, Ice, alpine, rock, hiking, camping etc. 3. Send your photo with caption to aaron@coldfear.com by May 14, 2012. 4. All photos will be put on the Coldfear.com Facebook page on May18th. 5. The photo with the most likes wins the contest. 6. Top 5 photos will win swag. First place winner gets first choice then second etc. 7. The contest will end June 4th and the winners will be announced soon after. 8. Photo entries will not be used for anything other than the contest. Prizes gathered so far include: Rab- Men's Boreas Pull on or the Women's Aurora Pull on- Both of these pieces won the Backpacker Editors Choice Award. $80 value Cilogear- 20L NWD $150 value Grivel- 5 pack Plume Draw $150 value Sterling Rope- $50 Gift certificate More great prizes to be announced but these are some of the big ones! I look forward to all the entries and please share this contest with friends and Facebook. Cheers, Aaron Mulkey
  5. Cody TR

    Part 2 is in the works and plan to have it ready after the weekend. All the info on the goods will be out soon! Glad to provide the stoke !
  6. Cody TR

    Excited to finally share this incredible trip ! Check it out [video:vimeo] Aaron Mulkey www.coldfear.com
  7. The new season has begun and there is some great TR's and video that I have been catching up on since being on the bench with an ACL injury. Here is the latest video and check out www.coldfear.com for more TR's and Conditions for Cody, Wy ice climbing! I hope everyone is gettin after it [video:vimeo] Cheers, Aaron Mulkey
  8. [TR] Cody Ice Conditions - 11/17/2011

    Forgot to answer your other questions but yes I film with the Gopro and a DSLR. Thanks for the good words!
  9. [TR] Cody Ice Conditions - 11/17/2011

    Cale its a helmet made by Sweet called the Strutter helmet. It is far superior to any climbing helmet and with the brim deflects ice that is headed for the face. It is made as a kayak helmet but the testing standards on kayak helmets are probably higher then climbing testing. I have taken some big hits with it and not been effected slightly.
  10. Trip: Cody Ice Conditions - Date: 11/17/2011 Trip Report: Just put a bunch of photos up on the Coldfear Facebook page on conditions in the South Fork Valley. I will have the main condition page on Coldfear.com updated soon as well with a full detailed report. LIKE the fbook page if you want updates through the season. I hope everyone is getting psyched for the season! If your bored at work there are lots of videos of last years incredible First ascents and good times at the Coldfear Vimeo Page such as this one! [video:vimeo] Aaron Mulkey
  11. Its been a great season so far and only seems to be getting better. I just posted the 5th epsiode of The Regulators and after watching im sure there will a couple more ice climbs added to your Wyoming tick list. [video:vimeo]20223522 Enjoy, Aaron Mulkey www.coldfear.com
  12. Carlos Buhler?

    Dane great write up! Carlos has always stood out in my mind as one of the greats in his accomplishments and as a person. I havent talked with him in a couple of years and this reminds me that I need to touch bases with soon. Thanks Aaron Mulkey
  13. Get Psyched For The Season!

    Thanks for the good words guys... The Music is from a band called Kno. Here is the next Episode to keep you going until the next cold snap! Click HERE Coldfear Aaron Mulkey
  14. I hope everyone is sharpening tools and beginning the search for ice. Here's video of our first hunt for the season and we were able to bag a trophy of a route! You can click here too see video Coldfear Happy Hunting Aaron Mulkey Coldfear.com [video:vimeo]16292151