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  1. A friend of mine found 3 cams laying at the base of Talkin' It Clean at Trout Creek, OR last Monday. I had been up there the day before so she assumed they were mine and grabbed them to return to me. They aren't mine though, so let me know if they might be yours!
  2. Mt Hood

    Still gated as of 5/28/12 Attached (hopefully) are photos from Sunshine and the Eliot. Bare ground almost all the way up to Tilly Jane. Snow from there to the moraine. The bergschrund was quite filled in and very straightforward to cross just left of Horseshoe (Second photo).
  3. Cams and Quickdraws

    #2 C3 sold. Wild Country 00 still available as well as all the draws except the Omega Pacifics and the green BD/REI draw.
  4. Cams and Quickdraws

    SOLD: BD .75, Metolius 7, OP Draws, and Green solid gate BD/REI draw Everything else still available
  5. Cams and Quickdraws

    I'm selling two cams (BD .75 and #7 Metolius are SOLD) and a bunch of draws (OP draws and green BD/REI draw SOLD). Full disclosure: the yellow BD C3 I found on a climb a couple months ago. The action is smooth, but it has some rust on the axle and the stem is bent. Both of these things are shown below in the photos. The other cams are my own and are used and have held body weight but they are in good shape and have never been fallen on. 2 BD draws with Neutrino carabiners ($6/each), 6 Other assorted draws, ($3/each) Buy $25 worth of draws or more, and I'll cover shipping. Otherwise, add $5. My e-mail is arnold_thad at hotmail dot com
  6. Sold: approach ski setup - $200

    I'll take 'em. PM sent.
  7. ALL SOLD screws, crampons, harness

    I'll take the screws. Sent you a PM.
  8. FS: Climbing Gear Yard Sale

    Still interested... Lemme know.
  9. FS: Climbing Gear Yard Sale

    Still interested in the cams. Sent you another PM.
  10. FS: Climbing Gear Yard Sale

    PM on cams.