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  1. As obvious as it may seem, I am a native of NC and Western NC (Asheville, Brevard, Banner Elk, Boone) in the winter is a great place. Heck Misty Mtn is based out of Banner Elk/Boone, NC. Great post.
  2. East Coast NC Transplant

    Hi All- My name is Cody and I am a 26 year old man of brawn! I relocated to the Seattle area from North Carolina in Dec. 2007. I've always enjoyed camping/backpacking, but since I've lived out here, I've been adjusting to the new terrain. I've enjoyed backpacking since my early teens, but have been fortunate to have a couple of people introduce me to Mountaineering/Ice climbing and I am hooked. Summer 2010 trips and on have been as follows: Backpacking/ Multi-pitch Ice Climbing on Coleman Glacier - Mt. Baker Backpacking/Over night: Twin Lakes Peak Backpacking/ Over night: Anderson/Watson Lakes - Anderson Peak Day hike: McClellans Butte Trail Backpacking/ Over night: Paradise to Camp Muir Base camp support Sea Kayaking: San Juan Islands Mtn. Biking: McKenzie River Trail, Bend, OR Hope to meet some of you.