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  1. Need ideas from East Coasters

    Rhodes Tower stairwell.
  2. Adams Glacier

    Thanks all for the feedback. Ha! That thought crossed my mind looking over the info that I have on the route. well, next exactly... was there summer of 09 when the road was washed out. Unfortunately the temps in the NW had been in the 90's the week or two before, so in that sense, yes it was the wrong season; a bit too late. I guess that I'm feeling torn between checking out new places and "taking care of unfinished business" on a route on Baker that I would like to do.
  3. Adams Glacier

    Having been stymied by weather and poor route conditions on the N. Ridge of Baker (and having to walk a closed FS road) I am considering options of attempting the route again or trying something else. As such Adams Glacier has been on my mind. Anyone care to offer opinions on the Adams Glacier route – specifically route quality relative to Baker’s North ridge, but any thoughts on difficulty, hazards, access, or just which you would rather (re-)climb. Of course, other suggestions are always welcome.
  4. Mt Adams

    Something about this thread I find mildly entertaining. In one breath the OP says how mean and nasty the mountains in the east can be and in the next he says he wants a safe hike up a mountain in the Cascades. Perhaps inspired by the Adams in the Whites he would like to try another? While we are on the topic of Mt. Adams, any opinions on the Adams Glacier route? (not that I am recommending one way or another to the OP)
  5. Great mixed climbing video

    I think that he is falling on the cam in video although he fell several times working on the route.
  6. Great mixed climbing video

    Nice cross-post Al. Cool video. "so... pumped..."
  7. If you can pull that off w/o having them be brittle, put me down for 4. Be glad to post some pictures when I get a chance.
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome. How is it that I'm off topic? I must be soo clueless about the topic that the broken pick issue was the first thing to come to mind when I read your post. Note that I did not claim that the picture was mine, it had copyright info right on in and it was linked to it's owner. Am also well aware of periodic Petzl design changes. My gear shop claims that the word from Petzl is that previous model picks will continue to be available. Granted that they could also be selling me a bill of goods but wouldn't they rather be selling me picks? I have nothing against BD. You'll have to pry my Sabertooths and c3's from my cold dead fingers (toes?), but with all due respect to Will and you, I just don't really care for their ice tools. But that's just me.
  9. Yup, that's them (him?) Not sure that I'd say that issue is a dead horse unless unless you follow his lead and switch to Quarks. Anyway, although implied, your op did not really specify rock usage. I've had a pick almost trashed after loaning a tool for one pitch on thin ice. Don't have any good pick pics handy at the moment, and wouldn't let mine get as bad as the one you show!
  10. Not mine, but one reason to be glad I climb on Petzls. Owner says that non of these are more than 20 days old:
  11. New Petzl Ice Tools

    Played around w/ the Nomic and Quark in the store. Not sure that I liked the balance of the new Quark, but not having used it on ice I'd reserve judgement. People that thought that the previous Quark was too heavy might really like it and it is prob better for alpine this way? Pretty cool for a product video:
  12. Missing climber in/around Storm King

    Really hope to be wrong and have to eat my words, but that dosn't sound good. Hope that he is able to make it out OK and many thanks to SAR.
  13. [TR] mt baker - seracs 8/29/2010

    Are you sure that you aren't just taking a nap on the rope?
  14. Climber found after 21 years

    I'm not sure that I would discribe a cornice colapsing followed by a 1000' fall as a "peaceful way to go." I feel for any family that has to burry a loved one, and it is hard to imagine doing so 21 years after their death.