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  1. [TR] Ruby - North Slopes 4/8/2011

    Looks like an epic day! Great pics.
  2. Climbed Sloan Peak yesterday via the corkscrew route (awesome). I noticed my camera missing on the long slog out (bummer). I'm sure it's sitting on or near the trail close to the campsites. If anyone finds it please get back to me. Thanks. Blue Olympus shockproof waterproof in a black neoprene case. Cheers!
  3. Lost anchor. Summit wall Mt Erie

    Guilty... I attempted to clean up my trash, but someone beat me to it.
  4. I left an anchor on Summit wall at Erie on Tuesday 8/17 at around 3p. 2 BD Rocklock large biners 2 DMM Revolver biners (1wiregate, 1 locker) Blue webbing. All biners are marked with white tape. If you scored this find or know who did, I would really like my gear back Thanks k38wave@yahoo.com