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  1. Trip: Mt. Shuksan - North Face Date: 7/7/2013 Trip Report: Climbed the north face of shuksan the weekend after the 4th of july. The trip report can be seen on my blog - HERE Snow was soft but allowed for easy passage. Here are a few photos from the trip Gear Notes: used pickets, 30 m glacier rope, 1 ice screw (may have been unnecessary...), crampons, 2 tools Approach Notes: Bushwhacked thru the White Salmon, it was horrendous. Exited via Fisher Chimneys
  2. glad to see you guys made it off safe! I was the leader of the other party up there that day, the couloir was snag-town indeed! Did it get stuck in the same spot as ours did? That was highly frustrating. I couldn't tell but it felt like we were pulling our ropes alone... i am guessing you all weren't guiding it? If you were, then a million kudos to you!
  3. Trip: Forbidden Peak - West Ridge Date: 6/14/2013 Trip Report: Two friends and I took a shot at Forbidden on Friday/Saturday and made it pretty darn close to the summit but turned around due to our inefficiency! The ridge has plenty of snow but there was another party up there in rock shoes (we wore plastics, even with crampons at times). Check out photos and video on my blog! Video -->> Blog -->> http://cascadiastan.blogspot.com/2013/06/forbidden-peak-west-ridge-near-summit.html Any info on the story of the other party mentioned at the end trip report would be cool. They appeared to be having "an epic" - group of 4 Gear Notes: used pickets, rock pro to 2", 2 60 meter ropes (3 climbers, also 60m raps in the couloir), left a biner up there for the raps Approach Notes: snow began at tree line near 5,000 feet IIRC. Road melted out
  4. Here is the craigslist post http://bellingham.craigslist.org/spo/3813327081.html 2 metolius master cams (2 and 3) and one wild country friend. let me know if interested!
  5. Awesome! I have had my eye on the North Face and I am stoked to see you guys have done it! Looks like a blast - Shuksan sure is beautiful
  6. Nate! Good to see you at Pine, I see you're on top of your Cascade Climber TRs!
  7. Trip: Mt. Shuksan - White Salmon and Hell's Highway Date: 3/26/2013 Trip Report: My bud Scotty and I tackled Shuksan on Tuesday after a failed attempt at going up to Ruth last Saturday/Sunday. We left the car at about 2 a.m. and were back by 6 p.m., on the summit at 1 pm. Trip report can be found on my blog http://cascadiastan.blogspot.com/2013/03/mt-shuksan-via-white-salmon-hells.html and a video account can be found here as well. PS if you know who these nice people are - http://imgur.com/Y0Fj8fv - tell them we said "hey!" Gear Notes: Used Glacier rope (one short section), splitboard crampons, crampons, two ice tools Approach Notes: very hard snow on the lower elevations in the morning, very horrendously sloppy snow on the lower elevations in the afternoon. Otherwise pretty standard
  8. SWEET! looks like an awesome trip! Cool photos, those lines in the last photo look excellent!
  9. You're welcome for the skin track! We were the first up that day (party of three), the skin track was only lightly buried for us however. It appeared a party had summited the day before. Awesome times up there! What a gorgeous day, one could not ask for better snow or weather! (ok, maybe a bit less wind on top...)
  10. Trip: Mt. Baker - Coleman Deming Date: 3/9/2013 Trip Report: Well I see there is another TR from the same day, but nonetheless here is mine on my Blog - http://cascadiastan.blogspot.com/2013/03/mt-baker-coleman-deming-snowboard.html Also includes a video which can be found here - Approach Notes: 12 hours up - brought a lot of crevasse gear we didn't use!
  11. Trip: Banff National Park - Date: 2/14/2013 Trip Report: We spent the weekend in Banff National Park doing ice and mixed climbing - TR on my blog. It was an awesome time in a spectacular place http://cascadiastan.blogspot.com/2013/02/a-weekend-in-banff-national-park.html Gear Notes: ice screws and draws, also if you have 70 meter ropes that would be a good idea (we did not) Approach Notes: snowshoes would have been awesome in places
  12. Sweet, thanks for the suggestions I will definitely do some homework on those routes!
  13. A friend and I are heading to Banff this coming friday through monday to check out the area and do some climbing and I was hoping that you all could give me some suggestions on awesome routes to check out, spots I can't miss, places i must see, and good coffee ! I am new to ice climbing (but not new to climbing) and my buddy is comfortable up to WI4+ about, to narrow it down. Let me know anything you think would make for a better trip! Thanks, chuck
  14. Hey I think we ran into you that night first night, my friend and I were heading up Hogsback as you were descending.
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