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  1. Does anyone know of anyone who has climbed all of the Cascade Volcanoes in one season? I just finished up a trip a week ago with the goal to summit every active Volcano. I biked between them, and biked from Tacoma down to the start down at Lassen (and then back home after Baker). I'm curious if anyone else has climbed them all "in a single push" before, or by biking between. I think the closest to this is Chris Davenport and Jess McMillian's Ring of Fire ski objective, but I'm not sure if they summitted them all, or were just more focused on ski descents of the Volcanoes. But they took the easy route with an RV in between. Granted, they did many many Volcanoes in two weeks, whereas it took me 25 days and change on a bike.... Details from the trip: http://www.runningfarther.com/tour-de-volcanoes-recap/
  2. Full traverse of all 12 peaks, Stevens to Eagle, in 13H:34M, and car to car (back on the Wonderland Trail) in 15H:35M, for what we believe is an FKT. Too long of a TR to post here, so full TR and pictures is up on my blog: http://www.runningfarther.com/tatoosh-traverse-fkt/
  3. Marmot Crib 3p Tent

    Three person backpacking tent. Roomy, with two doors on either side and a vestibule to go along with both doors. Full packed weight is six pounds, but can be minimized. Has lots of pockets in the internal mesh for organization. I bought the tent in 2009 and used it every once in awhile. I recently got a lighter mountaineering tent and don't need this one. It's still in good shape with zippers all working, poles in good shape, and no rips. More info: http://www.backpacker.com/gear/tents/gear-guide-2009-marmot-crib-3p-tent-review/
  4. Used pair of Koflach double plastic mountaineering boots. They are the Artic System, Koflach's coldest rated pair. I bought them back in 2007, but they would be a great starter pair of boots for climbing Rainier or Baker. Stock liners in them. Email me at m.kresser@gmail.com
  5. Just moved to Bend and looking for some mountaineers or rock climbers. I plan to do some winter ascents of some of the volcanoes here and looking for some other partners. I would like to hit Jefferson sometime in October before she gets too snowy. Message me if interested. Thanks!
  6. Intuition Denali Liners, size 11 (or size Mondo 29 according to Intuition's website). Best liner on the market for use in plastic mountaineering boots. Far superior to the standard stock liners that come in most. Thermo-moldable so you can fit it to your specific foot at REI or Feathered Friends. I used them on one trip to Aconcagua and maybe only used them for a total of five days there. Ended up buying the La Sportiva Mons Evos for Denali so I don't use my plastics anymore. $90 obo. Email me at m.kresser@gmail.com or text/call at 515-231-6321. Have a great day!
  7. Koflach Degree double plastic mountaineering boots, size 11. They've seen some use but have plenty of life left. $100 obo. I live in Tacoma but am traveling around the Puget Sound a lot so could meet up in a variety of places. I also have Intuition Denali liners for them too, being sold separately. Email me at m.kresser@gmail.com or text/call at 515-231-6321.
  8. FS: Forty Below K2 Superlight Overboots

    Same question as above. What size boots and what boot model did you wear the XL overboots with?
  9. WTB: Mountaineering Boots

    I have a set of Koflach Degree double plastics. Used, but still in great shape. Only the lacing needs to be replaced. Interested?
  10. Any day, September 4th, 5th, or 6th, I would like at least two permits for Mount Saint Helens. If you have more that would be great. I can be reached at m.kresser@gmail.com. Thanks!