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  1. Glad we could help with the fuel. I was more than happy not to carry it down access! Congrats on finally bagging challenger! That must have been really special to finally get up it. Bad weather happens, especially in the Pickets. I'll most certainly be back. Fury is too special a mountain not to return to.
  2. My name is Aaron and I'm a member of the other party you met on the Luna-Fury ridge. I don't think we actually met since I definitely wasn't coming out of the mid if I could help it when you came back in that night ;-) Congrats on getting up Challenger! We finally wandered up the ridge for Fury around 11am that day but got chased off on the glacier by falling ice caused by steady rain. YIKES! Rallied for an evening run up Luna. The next morning we awoke to a sea of clouds! Truly spectacular! Out Access that day. Photos and TR to come soon. Glad you guys had a fun and safe trip!
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