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  1. shuksan ski descent

    Thanks for all the sage advice. Based on tr's I thought going out the white salmon might be too much of a bush bash. I guess the ski descent will have to wait for another spring although I may still skin back to lake ann depending on the snow conditions.
  2. shuksan ski descent

    Thanks Jason. I've climbed the chimneys before. What I'm trying to figure out is if it's feasible to climb up the chimneys and ski down another route. I passed a group coming down the chimneys who had come up another route. Would it be worth climbing up and skiing down the sulphide or white salmon? When I was standing on winnies slide I was looking down a slope that looked like it would make a terrific ski descent. I think that must have been the white salmon route. I don't know if skiing down it or getting out to a car would pose any route finding problems if I have never been up it.
  3. shuksan ski descent

    This may be a stupid question but ... I'm planning to climb fischer chimneys July or Aug. Is there a good route I could ski down from the summit? From what I have read so far it would be a horrible bushwhack with skis.
  4. I will be in Wash July 14-24. Meeting a small group to do the DC on the 20th. Would really like to do fisher chimneys before then. also open to other routes. No plans as of yet. If there is something you are planning on doing and need a partner just let me know. I think we may have one climber spot open on our Rainier permit if you're interested too. jbarronton@yahoo.com