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  1. Rad, thank you for you and Darin's labor of love to put up a new route like this for our climbing community. I've got 10+ years trad experience, and prefer trad most of the time, but after climbing MHC yesterday, I believe your decision was 100% the right one. Sure, I could have placed a cam or two per pitch, but based on the rock type and crack configuration, safety and longevity would have certainly been an issue at some point. In a state with such endless mountain adventures, it's fantastic to have options. And MHC presents another great option for teaching, learning, or just having a fun, low(ish)-stress day out. I really do think that the majority of climbers will agree and approve of your methods. Don't let anyone detract from your great new addition! And Fire on the Mountain has been on my list for a while... hoping to get on it next summer!
  2. 3 more ascents today, Oct 3rd. Great time was had by all. Super fun route. We did watch some natural rockfall occur at random from the top of the gully to the right of the route. Exploded all over that approach gully, but all three teams were on the route and safe. Take the FA team's advice and wear a helmet and move quickly through there. And the secret at the top... very provocative and titillating. I'll say no more!
  3. And all that, while still keeping it classy and humble. Keep trying buddy...
  4. Wow. You guys truly are better than everyone else. Congratulations.
  5. Thanks for the great information everyone. We may be able to bump the trip to June, but I'm guessing that's still not buying us much in the way of good weather. As for what we want to climb, I was hoping to get on some rock (trad or sport), as well as some straight-forward mountaineering routes (snow/ice). It sounds like the consensus for dry rock is not Norway or the Alps in May. I will definitely look into Spain. And also look into the mountaineering clubs. Let's say we end up in Norway for some mountaineering and Spain for some rock climbing... would you recommend I pack all my personal gear (all rock gear, rope, all snow gear) and check it with the airline(s)? Is there even any other option, such as renting basic gear like crampons in local climbing areas? Never done a trip like this where I'd need to haul all my gear that far. Thanks again everyone!
  6. My wife and I are starting to plan a 3 week trip to Europe for May 2014. As of now, stops would include southern and/or northern Norway, Switzerland, and northen Italy (primarily the Dolomites). Plans are still very flexible. In these early planning stages, I'm looking for some logistical advice from fellow climbers who have been on similar trips. Specifically things like: what personal climbing gear did you bring? any climbs/climbing areas that can't be missed? etc. If you have any sites or books that were valuable resources when planning your trip, I'd love to know what they are. Or if you are willing to offer some personal advice, I could meet you at any of the local Seattle climbing gyms or a coffee shop/pub/etc. Drinks or your favorite six pack on me. Just looking to do this trip right before we launch into the children chapter of our lives. Thanks everyone.
  7. We found 2 ice axes just below the summit of Mt. Stuart on Saturday morning, Aug 24th. Describe them in detail, and I'll figure out how to get them back to you.
  8. I left a smelly pair of orange Red Chili rock shoes and a beat up blue BD Half Dome helmet with stickers at the base of The Javelin at the Special Spot in Leavenworth. I hate that I lost this stuff, being as it held somewhat of a special place in my heart. If you were the one who picked them up on the evening of Sunday, May 30th, I'll buy you beer, food, or just give you a straight up cash reward to get them back. Please let me know. Eric whittaker.eric@gmail.com
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